28 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Mousnatch

  1. Who’s that guy?

  2. best workout title ever

    1. Love it! Hahahaha

  3. That’s so 70s big.

  4. 67#, 77#, 89#, 89#, 99#

  5. 37#
    to be continued at crossfit Reston for the next couple months… see you all again in January!

  6. 115#

    Still need to work on my confidence to pull under the bar. I’m a big wuss right now.

  7. Lol. LOVE mousnatch…perfect WOD for MOvember. I’m so so bummed I’ll have to miss it today. Have fun you mousnatchers!!!

  8. 67#
    Need more practice and work on my form. Wouldn’t mind their appearing more often in WODs.

  9. Power Snatch (x3): 77, 82, 89, 89, 94 (3-rep PR)

    so then I worked on squat snatch, because really I need to get used to dropping under the bar even though it’s SCARY…
    Squat Snatch (x3): 67, 77, 82, 89 and done-zo

  10. worked up to 89# power snatch both from the hang position and the floor.

    I second Dan in that I simply need more exposure to the Olympic lifts.

  11. 133, 133, 143, 143, 143
    Need to move faster!

    1. thats a lot of weight for not moving fast. imagine what you can lift if you move fast!

  12. 77#
    need to work on getting full extension

  13. Push Press 45X 5, 47 X 5, 50X5, 52 x5, 47×5, 45×5

    lots of foam rolling

  14. mostly worked on form, did some work with 15# bar.
    very poor, need lots more work!

  15. 35# & 45# Practice practice

  16. @Home
    Power Snatch: 60, 80, 90, 110, 120 (the last set was ugly)

  17. Saturday:
    DL 3 x 5@ 133,143,153

    Wod 30-20-10
    KB DL @45
    KBS @35 (first wod ever @35!!!)
    KB press @ 10

    = 12:03

    Thanks Dave!!!

  18. Saturday Oly Lifting– work up to heavy single C&J

    138# (PR +5)

    Got it on the first try with a power clean! Then went and tried for 143# (my BW C&J goal)… and tried again, and tried again, and you see the pattern. SO close and yet soooooo far away.

    1. What does ‘BW’ mean?

      1. bodyweight

      2. maybe I’m looking at this all the wrong way. Instead of increasing my lift number I should be decreasing my body weight number. Then I’ll be able to meet that goal no problem!

  19. Snatch: Worked up to 59#, form has a way to go.
    Oly Lifting: Worked up to 59#, again, working for form

  20. 67, 67, 72, 72, 77

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