45 thoughts on “Monday Workout: Fran

  1. @ Home. First time doing Fran.

    8:51 @ 70#

  2. 7:53 @ 77# w/ RBPUs

    1. sweet improvement!

  3. 7:24 Rx, first time

  4. 7:29 Rx. First time…finally. Yippy!!

  5. nice work Steph & Alex!

  6. 6:40, 79#. About a 40 second PR.

  7. 8:21 (50#, bb)

  8. 3:12 RX’d

    :43 slower than the spring, dunno why that much. Round of 15 thrusters were awful – didn’t drop the bar for any of them, but rested too much. Pullups in the first round were probably my fastest 21 pullups ever though.

  9. 3:38 RX

    (all thruster unbroken, thanks landon!)

    1. Nice one dude – the shoulder is BACK!

    1. actually i think it was 57#

  10. 7:08 rx (21 second pr and first time rx’d)

    1. Niiiiice!

  11. 4:48 Rx
    Pretty happy with this for my first time doing Fran
    I feel like I’ve lost my pull-up cadence… where’d it go…

    1. oh man I am with you on the pull-ups! Then I realized I hadn’t done any for 2 weeks. Wow that hurt.

  12. 5:33, 45#, blue band, clonk on head with bar after 21st thruster
    last time (March) exact same time, 10 # lighter
    me and my ice pack will be over here…

  13. 6:13 (37#, RRs)

  14. “Everyone’s got a plan ’til they get punched in the mouf!!” -Mike Tyson

    6:35 “as Rx’d”

  15. 7:11 Rx (PR by 2:27)

    Pull-ups are still my nemesis; thrusters are still my love.

  16. 8:40, 57#

    Meh. A little slower than in May, but did kipping pus instead of jumping-ish chin-ups and more weight than last time. I can go heavier on the thrusters next time.

  17. 6:03, 45# (should have gone heavier) plus redband PU’s

  18. 6:46 RRs @47# coughing all the way, ugh!
    Time was 2:18 better but it’s like comparing apples to oranges – bbpu and 50# in May.

    And just because I have to document this somewhere… Went running this weekend and improved my mile time from two weeks ago – from 9:41 to 8:48. Unbelievably excited! 8:00 mile here I come!

  19. Somehow I found the motivation to bike to the gym in the rain for my first Fran: 9:48 @ 67#.

    Not a stellar time, but this was the first WOD in which I’ve been able to do PUs RX. Pretty pumped about that…

    My goal is to do it RX’d before my birthday in February.

    1. It is great to have goals, something to work towards and focus on.

  20. 5:16 rx 45#, need to go heavier next time and RR’s

  21. 5:45rx… Not my best but I’m going to blame this one on corporate America….

    1. damn the man

      1. save the Empire

  22. Gretchen Kittelberger November 15, 2010 — 9:09 pm

    3:49 RX (Pr by over a minute)

  23. 6:40 Rx

    Note to self: the short pull-up bars are too short do non-butterfly kipping pull-ups on. That was stupid.

  24. 5:06 (45#, jumping pull-ups)

    Thrusters were unbroken, so next time I will add weight. My time from May (when this was my second real WOD) was 7:57 at 30# and with blue band pull-ups.

  25. 9:59; 57#

    lethargic, yet honest.

  26. 10:09 Rx.
    🙁 not the best…

    1. My first RX time was the same. Great job and it only gets faster from here.

  27. 6:31 (45#, Red band)
    Wanted to make sure my knee was still doing fine!

  28. 5:55 @ 75#.

    I was supposed to have a PT test the next morning at 0530 so I want to take it a bit easy. Still managed to kick my ass.

    It makes me sad that I can’t do this WOD in 3-4 min. Thrusters are by far the worst movement EVER

  29. 4:59 (40#, RRs)

  30. 4:59 RX @ crossfit fire

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