Wednesday Workout: Cindy + Running

REMINDER: please only do a light chalk dusting and remove excess chalk from your hands before they leave the bucket, otherwise chalk will be taken away.


  • 5 Rounds of Cindy (5x of 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 air squats)
  • Run 400 Meters (Run must start with touching BACK wall of gym)
  • 4 Rounds of Cindy
  • Run 400 Meters
  • 3 Rounds of Cindy
  • Run 400 Meters
  • 2 Rounds of Cindy
  • Run 400 Meters
  • 1 Round of Cindy
  • Run 400 Meters

40 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Cindy + Running

  1. Damn! Off day for me. (not just because I’m wimping out of this workout.. I’m just tired as hell and have to work anyways)

    Kyle – I have a feeling that reminder was inspired at least in part by me. Either way, sorry about the excess chalk usage. It will be toned down.

    1. Well, that’s embarrassing.

      1. This is your clever way to get us all to read your blog! Mmm local food.

      2. No.. I’m really not proud of the blog. It could be good, but I think it’s silly. Especially in its current state (unfinished). It’s something I’m doing for school.

      3. I think almost everyone took the “filthy” too much in a literal sense

  2. I know I did! I can’t help it if a piece of chalk crumbles into a million tiny pieces as I’m putting it on in the middle of a WOD. Crossfit has obviously made my grip strength too strong.

  3. Chalk Monkeys.

    They’re real, and they walk among us. It takes a practiced eye to spot them, but once you know the signs they are unmistakable. The first thing to look for is a bar, either olympic or power lifting, that has had several ounces of chalk ground relentlessly into the knurling. Scientists have been unable to explain why Chalk Monkeys exhibit this singular trait, but it defines them and they can’t stop themselves.

    1. A popular theory behind this behavior is that the knurling on a bar is uncomfortable on the delicate hands of Chalk Monkeys. If you see one, tell them it will be okay and they will eventually toughen up and adapt.

      – If you don’t see the tell-tale bars that Chalk Monkeys leave in their wake, look on the floor for two large, inexplicable white blotches that someone else will have to sweep up. This spoor is also a hallmark of a Chalk Monkey infestation.

      This condition, although disturbing and silly, is not irreversible. If we all pay attention and show some compassion, we CAN cure the Chalk Monkeys.

      Will you help?

      1. Justin took a funny pill this morning…and oh my, it was potent!!

      2. dont give me any credit Paige. I just googled “crossfitters that use too much chalk”

  4. 34:01 mix PUs and RRs (~3:1 PU:RR)

    1. That last round of Cindy was totally rx’d! Rockin’ those pull-ups!

  5. 34:01– bbPU, knee pushups (actually more like full-body knee flops)

    OMG! *dies of exhaustion*

  6. noon class
    23:20 RX

  7. 31:32 minus last round

  8. 32:35 (minus last round)

  9. max rep muscle ups – 12….next stop 20.

    WOD – 27:47 Rx

  10. 27:29 – w/Jumping Pull ups
    (special star should go next to names of those who showed up for yesterday’s Filthy 50’s and today’s !!…which does not include me)

  11. Gretchen Kittelberger November 17, 2010 — 9:18 pm

    24:17 rx

  12. 33:50 (bbpu’s, knee push ups)

  13. Why hello there WOD filled with my weaknesses, nice to meet you.

    34:28 RX

    Sooooooo slow. But I survived (with Martha’s special star next to my name, too!).

    1. we should all get special stars for actually running 500m

  14. 28:25 rx’d

    This may have been the first wod I was really looking forward to, with Cindy *and* running.

  15. 24:08 rx. This was bliss when compared to the filthy fifty.

  16. 25:08 airsquats suck

  17. 31:38, red band

  18. 26.38 – cramped up real bad on the last few 400s at the end, but i was killin it the first half!

  19. 27:08

    Did this on my own at UVA – I did “ring rows” by replacing the rings with a steeplechase hurdle. Knee push-ups after the first round of the first round.

  20. saturday am makeup 34:17 rx

  21. Saturday AM makeup
    32:13 (rr’s & knee push ups)
    loved this WOD!

  22. 25:30 (ring rows, mostly knee pushups – first 3 rounds real pushups, didn’t actually touch back wall, forgot about that part)

  23. Make up on Saturday – 29:30 (greenband pull ups, 1/2 real push ups, 1/2 knee push ups)

  24. 25:44 (ring rows, knee pushups)

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