28 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Running & Fun

  1. Looks fun.

    FWIW, as a morning regular, I love seeing the early post of tomorrow’s workout. I usually make it to noon, and then start wondering what we get tomorrow.

  2. Dealing with some back and knee issues, so I did Crossfit’s D-4 swimming workout, as found here: http://library.crossfit.com/free/pdf/36_05_Swimming_CFStyle.pdf

    For time (no fins):
    200m kick, 200m swim
    150m kick, 150m swim
    100m kick, 100m swim
    50m kick, 50m swim


    If anyone wants to join, the new Smith AFC on Cherry is awesome.

    1. Nice Jack! Maybe one Sunday you and I can do some swimming drills. Been a few months but truly miss swimming.

  3. @ CrossFit Fire
    5×5 DL: 40/45/50/55/55 kg (88/99/110/121 #)
    WOD: Elizabeth (21-15-9 squat cleans/ring dips)
    scaled to 15-12-9 @ 25kg (55#), red band dips

    I predict Jason is going to comment under my name and blame me for it

    1. woops, WOD time: 7:13

  4. 21:21 @155#

    That was pretty fun, actually.

  5. @ crossfit fire
    5-5-5 dl
    234-270-306, 6 on last set

    Wod: Elizabeth 21-15-9 squat cleans/ring dips at 133#
    10:24 Rx that was harrrrd

  6. @Home
    25:45 with 180# DL 10 per round (should have read more carefully, can I bank the 9 extra for next time?).

  7. 27:10 (67#)
    fact: when a creepy guy comes out of behind a tree in the dark, it does make you run faster no matter how tired you are.

  8. 22:45 (95#), ran the 800yd hill for the 2nd run since i was cramping on the first run.

  9. 20:51 @ 133#

  10. 21:12 @ 143#. The board said I was at 121#, but I had 15 kg plus 5 kg plus 5 lbs per side, so 143, I think. I had to check my math when I got home… 🙂

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