18 thoughts on “Saturday Workout: Landon’s Surprise

  1. Friday WOD @ Crossfit Central London with drill sergeant Brian who again exclaimed: “you are strong. Very, very strong.” I think we should bring a group of ours to London and wow them all.

    OHS: 3-3-3
    40kg, 45kg, 45kg (went light in preparation for the wod)

    “Amanda” (9-7-5 muscle-ups and squat snatches [60kg/40kg])
    subs: blue-band strict MUs, 30kg squat snatches because Brian told me he wouldn’t count the rep if the squat snatch wasn’t perfectly executed. He wasn’t lying. No ‘power-snatch and then ride down to full squat’ allowed. Nothing but full hip extension into full squat all smooth motion… let’s just say he took away a few reps. The strict MUs with the band were fun! Difficult and ripped up my wrists, but fun.

    Here ends the paragraph.

  2. So what shoes do we wear for said surprise? Chuck’s or running shoes?

    1. Yep, knowing I should have brought running shoes REALLY would have helped for this one. I’m just sayin’…

      WOD: 22:48, rr, 37#

      1. SURPRISE!!!

  3. Last day @ Crossfit Central London…
    Pre-wod skills:
    max rep strict ring dips: 3 (PR by 1)
    max rep strict pull-ups: 3 (uhhh nothing’s changed here. Still need to work on these)
    max rep pistols (R): 7 (unassisted)
    max rep pistols (L): 4 (unassisted)

    FGB style (3 rounds, 1 minute stations, 1 minute rest between rounds):
    1. barbell (20kg) punch right-hand (basically a right cross while holding a barbell)
    2. barbell (20kg) punch left-hand
    3. KB swing (1.5/1 pood)
    4. burpee-stand-lie down (regular burpee but instead of jumping at top you then roll back onto the ground and roll back up onto your feet without using your hands. This entire motion counts as one)
    5. cherry pickers with a med ball (20#/14#), both sides equals one rep

    Round 1: 151
    Round 2: 132
    Round 3: 132

    Total: 425

    Good cardio WOD and good fun at this box all around. Small, friendly, full of British accents. See you all on Tuesday!

  4. WOD:

    800m run
    100 jumping squats
    75 hang power cleans (#67/#45)
    50 pull-ups
    800m run
    do reps however you want

    18:20 (35# HPC, ring rows)

  5. 18:53 rx’d

    Thanks Landon, I really liked that one!! (although I may have been the only one…)

  6. 19:02 (35# HPC, RRs)

  7. 18:34 (45# HPC, RRs)

  8. 16:09 rx

    poor planning led to mega grip fail

    1. it took a couple of days, but lydia was right

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