19 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Run 5K

  1. Woah. This a straight shot. Right to the baby maker.

    Can someone post the mapmyrun 5k route?

      1. how many gym laps?

      2. well I’d say my quick guestimation was pretty darn close!

    1. Sorry for multiple post. Just run the rectangle twice.

  2. Chris you look a lot happier in this picture than I remember you being

  3. Also, if you are running the race don’t forget to get you pre race packet either today from 12 to 6 at cville running company or 8am at the race tomorrow.

  4. Running is for prey….but you kids have fun tomorrow!

    In the LAS Renaissance again. I feel so sad for the people on recumbent bikes plodding along for 40 minutes, watching TV and reading People…


    5 rounds for time of:
    30 Double Unders
    30 Sit-ups
    9 Deadlifts – 225#
    9 Handstand Push-ups


  5. 25:16

    2 seconds slower than last time… at least I’m consistent

  6. 20:09

    Went ~1:30 slower on the second leg. First time so it was good to get a pace benchmark.

    Good luck to everyone tomorrow.

    1. Sick dude…this is a hilly course too..

  7. Oly Lifting — pulled lots of hang squat snatches and worked up to 99#

  8. Nothing in Staunton?

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