5K on Saturday!

Wear your blue CrossFit Charlottesville shirts if you have them!

From Martha…

To all participants in the Freedom 5K – especially those who either have never run in a early morning race in winter or who aren’t avid runners.  To be comfortable in a Virgina winter run, with temperatures getting lower as they are this week, best advice is wear a hat and gloves, some sort of wicking fabric top (underneath your Crossfit Charlottesville t-shirt of course) and either shorts or tights.  Try not to overdress and remember to drink plenty of water the night before as well as in the morning.  Cooler temps. sometimes take our natural thirst away but it is equally important to hydrate.

We’ll do a group picture after the race is done.

30 thoughts on “5K on Saturday!

  1. Thanks for the great advice, Martha!

    CARPOOL, ANYONE? There are a bunch of us going, I gather, and it’s cold out there, so why don’t we cozy up in carpools on the way to the race? Anyone interested meet PROMPTLY at the GYM at 7:30AM!!!

    Unless you are Joelle in which case you can just walk to the race (and kindly provide us all with hot cocoa after the race).

  2. Good luck everyone that is running tom.! I am out of town this weekend, but know yall will do great!

  3. 5k: 25:5? I didn’t actually see the clock when I finished, but Lex tells me that was my time.
    compare to 30:10 last time on our hilly course!

  4. 25:20

    Not at all my best but first time running this in a ‘race’ setting and I know I started out too quickly. Still — fun times! I know I’m that last person to say this considering my feelings towards running but… we should do more group 5ks more often. Crossfit C’ville represent!

    1. wow, so my mother (who has run many a marathon back in the day including New York a couple times) just told me her first ever 5k race time (again back in the day) was about 25:30. Genetics?

  5. 19:10

    almost totally puked..

    Great job Team!

    1. That’s sick man. Congrats

    2. Well, at least we know you can outrun the Zombies! Holy crap man, well done!

    3. Cool, I almost doubled your time. 🙁

  6. Awesome everyone! now, pictures I hope???

  7. 21:43 off my personal best but still an awesome morning! Thanks everyone!

  8. 27:28 2nd 5k race ever. PR!

  9. 26:05(?)
    First actual race and almost 4 min off my October time. Not bad considering my running shoes felt like lead weights and I had to stop to tie them 3 times. Great job everyone!

  10. 5K: 25:27 (my watch, official times are not up yet).
    My last real 5K was in Florida in 1997.

    I will load the picture on FaceBook today.

    is the public link to the group photo

  11. 29:45 PR (in about 10 years!) this was fun!
    I agree with Elizabeth that we should do more group 5k’s!

  12. aaahhh, great pic, Steve!!!

  13. Right around 23 minutes.

  14. 19:39 PR by a minute.

  15. 21:09 lots of fun and I look forward the next in mass run. It was very cool seeing all of the team tshirts up ahead. Great job everyone!!!

  16. 22:51
    I think…
    I went and bought gloves after the race! 🙂

  17. 22:51
    I believe
    I went and bought gloves after the race 🙂

  18. 21:14. This course was much better than the crossfit course.

    1. You weren’t kidding right on my heels.

  19. 21:19, couple of minutes faster than our hilly course. good job everyone

  20. Ok, so I’ll officially post my time. It was 36:3-something. This was 5 minutes slower than the one I ran in the same (my) neighborhood about 6 weeks ago. WTF?

    p.s. Elizabeth, sorry about the lack of hot cocoa. I had to leave right after the race. Next time, for sure!

  21. 24:38 (PR by 2.68 since october’s hilly monster)
    Can we all agree that the last hill was far worse than anticipated?

  22. 25:??

    I don’t remember and they haven’t posted the results yet.

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