New Olympic Lifting Strengthening Cycle

As part of our next cycle, we will be focusing on building strength for our olympic lifts.  The program will be modified from a strength cycle from Performance Menu. Our program will last 5 to 7 weeks depending on how things go. Given the volume of lifting, we’ll need to be more efficient about time usage on strict oly strengthening days.

Few Key Things about Oly Days:

  • Mobility and Pre-Class Warmups Are Trainer Choice and Written on the Board. If you are in the afternoon class, please arrive 10 minutes early to get them done. If you are morning or lunch, please don’t be late.
  • Mobility is super important to making gains from this cycle. Do it on your own, do it with trainers, do it before class, do it after class. Mobility stuff is best done before lifting and you need to hang in a position for at least 90 seconds to get the benefits.  Here are a few mobility lessons to get you started: one and two (my favorite).
  • Don’t freak out about percentages; they are rough guidance. We don’t expect you to all know your max lifts, so use the percents as guidance and go heavier between sets if needs be.
  • Dont’ Be Scared. Oly Lifting is about getting comfortable with the lifts. You don’t need to do weights that you don’t like to do, but you do need to get more proficient in these lifts so you can crush WODs and impress your non-believer friends.
  • Don’t Hate. It will be over before you can blink and we are only lifting 2 to 3 days a week (plus the scheduled class.
  • Optional WODS will be posted on some lifting days. They won’t be supervised by a trainer and you need to do them without obstructing the regular class.

Now, time to lift!

P.S. Please Read This Post for More Details on Being a New Member!!

2 thoughts on “New Olympic Lifting Strengthening Cycle

  1. Awesome – looking forward to seeing a room full of beasts when we get back in the spring!

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