28 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Front Squat and Metcon

  1. Question! Are these snatches assumed to be squat? Or is power okay?

  2. FS: 133# must keep the knees out!
    WOD: 10:10 Rx

  3. @The Walpole Family Barn (horses present for encouragement)
    ’09 Holiday WOD #1:
    2 Rounds: 50 Air Squats, 10 HSPU (subbed regular PUs)
    3 – 4 minutes (no second hand on the clock)

    Also, DU practice in which I was very very unsuccessful (side note: TSA does not like Rogue Speed Ropes)

  4. @ Crossfit Works

    STRENGTH: Power Snatch 3-3-3-3-3 — 75#-80#-85#-90#-90#
    (didn’t increase on the last rep in order to work on landing on heels instead of forward on my toes like I was sort of doing in the 4th set oops)

    4 rounds of…
    200m high knee skip
    20m walking lunge
    180m running jump-rope (run while you jump rope)


  5. FS: 143, 155 (3’s)
    Snatch Pull: 111 (3’s)
    Jerk: 155, 133 (singles), 121 (doubles)

  6. @ CrossFit Telluride @ 9,000 Feet

    20 Minute AMRAP

    5 Burpees
    10 Pushups
    15 Air Squats

    19 Round RX. Pushup FAIL.

    1. i take it worm pushups were frowned upon?

  7. FS: 67#
    WOD: 6:20, 35#

  8. FS: 95, 95, 100, 100, 105 (PR)

    WOD: 10:45 @ 60#,65#,55#,65# — just realized I did the snatches from the floor instead of hanging, didn’t read the post well enough before leaving.

    Done at musclehead gym in middle-o-nowhere, Wisconsin. Enjoyed overhearing a conversation between two weight-belt wearing dudes doing ridiculous, swinging bicep curls about how they just have to use a snowblower instead of shoveling because of the danger of hurting your back.

  9. FS: 67×2, 72×3
    WOD: 7:10 @ 37#

  10. FS: 82
    WOD: 8:22 @ 45#

  11. Back squat 199, 199, 199, 199, 199

    WOD 2:56Rx

    1. haha told you.

  12. FS: 111# (working on form, keeping torso upright)
    WOD 8:17 (Dave J. pointed out I did all push-presses… think all of these recent lifting days made me forget the push-jerk. Snatches feel smoother though – good technique is finally actually easier than muscling through)

  13. FS 177#

    WOD 6:33 all by myself

  14. FS 209#
    WOD 6:01 rx

  15. FS: 77#
    WOD: 6:12 (37#)

  16. @Hillary- hilarious
    @Kyle- 8000 feet? WOD- 14 rounds
    Also, climbed the rope, rang the bell!!!! (skin abrasion on ankle probably due to tense, downward work)

  17. FS: 135# x3, 140#, 145# (I only added even more weight that last set because my mother swore 140# looked too easy for me. She said the same about 145# but I have to say it wasn’t all *that* easy)

  18. FS: 165lbs., 170×4
    WOD 5:11 Rx’d

    1. Elizabeth was logged in when I posted

      1. well shoot I was hoping I had somehow become super bad@$$ overnight without remembering

  19. Crossfit Lewes

    “48 hours till Xmas”

    48X each
    Mountain climbers, situps, back extensions, pistols (sit on low box, 24/ leg), jump squats, ring dips, ring pushups, knees to chest on parallel bars… one or two more that I can’t remember. 17:24

  20. @Home
    FS: up to 130# (not sure what 75% is – no one rep max yet)
    WOD: 9:27 @70#

    1. Did push presses instead of push jerks. New Years Resolution: read the instruction better.

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