22 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Diane

    1. Nice dude, shoulder must be feeling better! My last time was 4:05 – might have to try again to keep raising the bar!

  1. @ Crossfit Park City
    7 Rds.
    7 Power Snatch
    7 Box Jump

    85#, 30 in box 10:06

  2. @Home
    WOD: 8:14 (160# DL, 1 abmat + 1.25 inch plate)

  3. since the Tucson JCC has no wall space for HSPUs and since I can’t exactly do them freestanding…

    BS 5×3: 175-180-185-190-195 (2)

    PP 5×5: 90-95-100-105-110

    Best line of the day (I so love the older man crowd): “you know I’ve seen you here a LOT…” [this was my second visit to this gym in a year]. The second place ‘line’ was the 70 year old man who got SO excited when I told him he could put his 10# plate he was done using on my bar for me. He was absolutely thrilled. Why doesn’t out box have 70 year olds?!?!

  4. 5:00 (111#, box HSPU)

  5. 4:45 (133#, high box+20k plate HSPU)

  6. On the road WOD
    100 jumping jacks
    75 air squats
    50 pushups
    25 burpees

    7:04. My brother beat me by 2 secs. In my defense, his pushups were NOT chest to ground. However, I’ve also turned into a marshmellow on this trip

    1. And yes, it’s marshmAllow. My brain is also turning to mush

  7. 11:22 rx’d DLs and 55# SP for the first round, 50# for the rest.

    This was just a massive failure in scaling — HSPUs weren’t really an option so I thought shoulder press was a good sub, and totally overestimated the weight. First 21 SP’s took like 4-5 minutes. D’oh.

    Also, jumping muscle-up practice, 3×5

  8. 2 1/2 mile tabata run/walk
    Rest 2 minutes
    WOD: 4:21 Did 12-9-6 because I knew I couldn’t drop the weights for fear of crashing through my bedroom floor if I did. Box HSPUs.

  9. On my own with the men at the AFC, who were definitely surprised to see a girl in the weights area. Something close to 6 minutes – I didn’t have a stop watch. I think I was only lifting 120#, but it sure felt heavier than that. Box HSPUs on the highest box they had.

  10. 10:40 (225#, 1 abmat)

  11. 6:36 (155#,1 abmat)

  12. 5:37 (111#, box HSPUs)

  13. Crossfit Lewes

    Wall Balls (20#), Pull-ups
    KB’s (40#), Push ups
    Toes to bar, Straight leg sit-ups


  14. Also at Crossfit Lewes

    Wall Balls (16#), Pull-ups
    KB’s (35#), Push ups
    Toes to bar, Straight leg sit-ups


  15. 6:01 (111# bar, tall box HSPU)

  16. 7:01 (111#, box hspu)
    One minute faster, 12# heavier than last time – happy new year!

  17. 4:16 rx on 4-16-11

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