34 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Jackie

  1. 12:11 RX! My first RX’ed wod! Thanks for pointing that out, Kyle 🙂

    1. Awesome work!

  2. 9:59 (25#, RRs)

  3. 8:46 (30 reps x 45, RRs)
    Probably go up to Rx reps next time… RRs for the foreseeable future 😛

  4. 10:32 with jumping PU’s

  5. 13:42 (RR’s) (3:34 on the 1000m)

  6. 8:33 with 30 reps of 35# thrusters, ring rows (too easy, oops)

    1. Nice work bud!

    2. Glad to see you still killing it dude! See you in the Spring!

  7. 12:10 Rx
    3:40 on the row.

    Does anyone know how far we’ve gone across the Atlantic?

    1. We need a poster with a little boat on it to track our progress. (I’m serious)

      1. who will volunteer to make it?

      2. I volunteer Amy and her mad poster-making skills. Or, you know, anyone who actually wants to do it.

    2. I’m pretty sure we can still see the shore

  8. 11:07 rx’d

  9. 11:10 (35#, ringrows)

  10. 8:40 (45#, RR) made it to 50 reps but form was ugly. better next time.

  11. 10:15 15#, ringrows

  12. 6:27Rx. PR by 2 minutes

  13. Where are we actually rowing to anyway? I’d like to know because maybe it can be celebrated in a special way.

  14. 7:44 RX right shoulder still feeling good.

  15. Gretchen Kittelberger January 8, 2011 — 12:13 pm

    8:10 rx (wasted lots of time on the thrusters)

    Max Snatch: 133 #
    Max c&j: 170#

  16. on Saturday…
    12:17 (35#,rr’s)

  17. 9:44 Rx

    pull-ups killed me. some days they’re there, some days they’re not…

    1. ooooh man I hear ya on that one.

  18. (on 2/5/11, by myself… need to work on self motivation…)
    9:57 rx
    too many rests on thrusters and PUs just not there today — this only means I’m set up for a major PR next time around!

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