Friday Workout: Team Workout!


REMINDER: Friday afternoon classes are at 4:45PM and 5:30PM only.

As a team of 2 complete the following:

1000 M Row (total meters rowed)
50 Double Unders
50 Sandbag cleans alternating shoulders (40/20#)
1000 M ROW
40 Situps
40 Box JUMP (24/20”)
1000 M ROW
30 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
30 Turkish Getups (35#/25#)
1000 M ROW
20 Sumo Dead-lift High Pull (135#/95#)
20 pushups

32 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Team Workout!

  1. Can both team members be working at the same time?

    Also, does a movement have to be completed before starting the next movement? (i.e. while one person is rowing can the other be doing the double unders?)

    1. The only movement that may be done together is the rowing. You can only move on to the next movement once both people have finished the prior movement (i.e., you can’t begin double-unders while your partner is still rowing).

  2. what this video does not capture is the awkwardness i felt handing lee his shorts upon the completion of his workout.

    1. “Nice job! Oh, uh, here’s your pants back.”


  4. Did 1/2 reps: 17:05 (Regular PUs, 45# KB Snatches instead of TGUs so I could finish in a reasonable amount of time, 111# SDHP)

  5. 20:11 – morning class all did workout individually
    500 M Row
    25 Double Unders
    25 Sandbag cleans alternating shoulders 28#
    500 M ROW
    20 Situps
    20 Box JUMP 24”
    500 M ROW
    15 Pull-ups
    15 KB Swing 35#
    500 M ROW
    10 Ring Row
    10 Pushups

    1. Great job morning class!!!

  6. Gretchen Kittelberger January 28, 2011 — 9:37 am

    20:03 w/ Kyle

  7. tweaked my left wrist last night on some ice… not very CrossFit-friendly for a few weeks. 🙁

    back squat 5×5 with 10 box jumps (24″-30″) and 15 GHD sit-ups in between sets:

  8. 22:10 w/Partner: William
    500 M Row
    10 DU’s + 45 SU’s
    25 Sandbag cleans alternating shoulders (22#)
    500 M ROW
    20 Situps
    20 Box JUMP (12″)
    400 M RUN
    10 Red Band Pull-Ups
    25 KB Swings (20#)
    500 M ROW
    13 Sumo Dead-lift High Pull (67# should have gone heavier)
    10 pushups (knees)

    1. Also…thanks Elizabeth for the extra encouragement today! One day I WILL do some of your monkey bar swings!

  9. With Lex: 25:48
    J: 32# Sandbag; 20″ Box; RRs; 20# TGU; 89# SDHP
    L: 28# Sandbag; 20″ Box; RRs; 15# TGU; 57# SDHP
    Also, alternated 400 m Run / 500 m Row due to limited rowers

  10. 21:22 ex with ope

  11. 22:20 >Rx (52# sandbag) 1/2 reps w/ ghost

    1. also PR in warmup: 80 double unders (+28) while SICK. like when jordan had the flu

  12. 24:37 with Russ
    I scaled with triple single unders, gb pullups, 15# TGU, 67# SDHP, the rest was Rx
    Russ was Rx other than single unders – woohoo!

    This was brutal, but awesome! I so needed this workout after two very long days of meetings and travel. Loved it!

  13. 23:?? with Jen

    24# sandbag, 20# TGU’s, 89# SDHP, alternated running/rowing

  14. 32:40 with Amy
    split up running/rowing (400m runs)
    22# cleans
    20# tgu
    red band pullups (after tgu oops)
    67# sdhp

    Amy slightly different mods

    left shoulder is grumpy, too much abuse

    1. My mods:
      15# tgu
      Green band pullups
      47# sdhp

  15. 25:30ish with Jess
    20# tgu (ughhhh) and 67# sdlhp, run/row split

    and, I got to run today!!!! Wheeeee!!!!!

    1. go team!
      it should be noted that hillary did 20 of the 30 tgus cuz she’s awesome like that.

  16. 19:29 rx with Ian

  17. 20:35 solo on Sat., 20lb. turkish get ups, 95lb SDHP

  18. Gretchen Kittelberger January 29, 2011 — 1:06 pm

    Max Snatch: 140# (PR)

    Max C&J: 175# (PR)

    Max PP: 140#

    Max BS: only got up to 215 (which is not my max) then ran out of time

  19. 29:07 with Steve who did the very most , well done C2B’s

    1. With Martha (who did the most TGU!), Sub SUX3 for DU, 25#TGU(maybe I did 7),95 SDHP, 42# SandBag Cleans.

  20. 19:29 rx with Jason

    1. om nom situps

      1. Yes yes Jason did much of the work, especially the body weight stuff. Can’t help that he’s a speedy sit-up demon (pretty sure the only reason I did any SUs at all was that I got off the rower first…), or didn’t even LET me do any double-unders!!! pbbbbt. Um pretty sure the only movement I did more work on was the sand-bag cleans. At least we split evenly the: rows, box jumps, TGUs, and push-ups! Ha. Allllmost the SDHPs.

  21. 1/2 the reps and decided to ride solo

    22:10 Rx’d

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