The Forgotten Secret Weapon of Crushing CrossFit Workouts: Mobility


We focus a lot on strength and technique in our box, but I’ve always said to Ben, if we could put everyone through a mobility program prior to joining the gym, they would do so much better. The problem with mobility work is that it’s simply not sexy or fun. Who honestly wants to spend 20 minutes a day for a month to fix their shoulder issues?

Here’s the short: If you focus on mobility the way you focus on strength and WOD intensity, you will see gains much faster and minimize chance of injury.

Most people can’t comprehend that doing stuff other than sweating and lifting heavy weights will help them get more sweaty and lift heavier weights.  Most people reach limits very quickly because they simply cannot overcome years of bad posture and messed up soft tissue by ignoring the solution.

Here’s my challenge to you: follow our solution of short post-WOD mobility videos every day. Don’t cheat and as you get better at stuff, start hitting your weaknesses.  We will be posting them as part of the WODs and the videos are very short and to the point.

I promise you will see gains in all your lifts and metcons.

1 thought on “The Forgotten Secret Weapon of Crushing CrossFit Workouts: Mobility

  1. Agree. Watch all of the K-Star Mobilty WODs you can and use the ones that hit your trouble spots best.

    My hip and shoulder mobility has increased a lot since adopting several quick stretches that I do every day, regardless of whether I WOD or not.

    You don’t really know how knotted up you are until you start digging around and putting the joints through their paces in a methodical way.

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