Tuesday Workout: Team Stuff

We’re finishing up a week of team WODs, then moving to a traditional strength cycle.
Shoulder Prehab
  • EQI Push-ups
  • Prone “T’s”
  • Plate Halos


As a team of 2, complete the following:
  • 150 Double Unders (each partner must do 150)
  • 75 Hang Squat Clean (45#, only one person working at a time)
  • 60 Push Press (67#, one person working at a time, add plates after cleans)
  • 50 Pullups (or ring rows/jumping pullups, only one person working at a time)
  • 100 Double Unders (each partner must do 100)

Post WoD Torture

4 Minutes per Side Couch Stretch [vid]

30 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Team Stuff

  1. just for clarification: 1) on the DUs can the partners work at the same time (like rowing); and 2) for the other movements is the rep number total as a team or must each person complete that number of reps for the required movement? Also (one more question, sorry) what is the scaling female weight, if any, for the hang squat cleans and push presses?

  2. 1. yes, but each hvave to do the total number, 2. total as a team, 3. no scaling weight

    1. Thanks! That’s all what I figured but just wanted to make sure!

  3. 15:38 Rx (w/ Dan)

  4. 15:38 Rx with AJ.
    Would’ve been faster if Dan wasn’t sucking at 2x-unders.

  5. I CANNOT do double-unders. Ugh.

      1. Um…ok, got it. We will all be DU ninjas after watching this.

  6. Margaret and Dave J 16:17 rx weight with ring rows. Good job on the DU’s Margaret.

  7. 10:02rx w ope

  8. with Jenni: 13:57 (I did two 25# dumbbells for the lifts.)

    1. I did 55# for PPs, then 45#. Ringrows for pull-ups.

  9. Lydia and Hillary 17:11 – 55# push press, and I did ring rows (she did pullups)

  10. Solo

    50 HSC, 40 PP, 35 PU
    Rx weight

    16:15 (pull-ups seriously slowed me down…)

  11. Alex & AJ: 12:30 Rx

  12. Lex & Amy: 21:34 (35# HSC, 57#PP for Lex, 57/45# PP for Amy, RRs)

  13. 10:54 solo, did 50/40/35 for sqc/pp/pu. Did first set of 150 double unders unbroken

    1. bad ass double unders!

    2. Man I knew you’d get those first DUs unbroken! Sorry I couldn’t partner with you… but it seems like I only would have slowed you down 😉

  14. 16:17 with Dave, rx weights, ring rows.

    My push presses started turning into jerks – apparently 67# is my push press PR. Thank you, Dave, for doing so many of those and for being so encouraging!

  15. 16:20 w/Christopher (me: 15#HSC,37#PP,rr’s)

  16. With Lindsay: 13:48 rx weight (J-DU, L-SU/DU)

  17. With Seth: 20:04 (S: Rx, J: RRs)
    Epic DU slow down…

  18. 20 min fast walk on treadmill

    Solo half WOD sans DUs, all with 45# bar (didn’t have my plates), plank pull-ups, no idea on time.

  19. In Roanoke:

    1000m row
    Tabata wall sitsx10 
    SP: 5×5@45

  20. 150/50/30/30/100 Rx’d solo

    13:47 Rx’d

    127 DUs unbroken (PR)

    major/multiple jump rope malfunction on the last set

  21. With Dan: 15:30 (sub 3x SU for DU, Dan did DU)

  22. 15:30 with Steve Rx. My DU performance much improved from 6:30 Tues AM.

  23. w/Carolyn: 20:37

    Me: Rx
    Carolyn: 35#/25#/blue band PUs/3xSUs

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