Friday Workout: Big Team Tonnage


Split the gym in half, roughly organized by equal total number of max lifts (i.e. if someone clean and jerks 250 pounds, put two 125# clean and jerk people on the opposite team for balance).  You can only have one bar for every 2 people.  You can choose whatever load you want. You can change weights if you want.

Max Weight Ground to Overhead in 12 Minutes.

Score for your team is total number of pounds put overhead.

The losing team has to do 50 burpees each.

22 Comments on “Friday Workout: Big Team Tonnage

    • Maybe not, one Ian equals like 8 people on the other side (see directions). I’m expecting some serious strategy discussion at the 5:30 class tonight…

    • Ok, but let’s up the ante with side bets with a spread for prowler pushes. Ope seems to have the touch on accurate lines.

      Also, should there be a time limit for the 50 burpees???

  1. Well this trainer has a Greek lesson at 5pm so did the WOD at noon

    with Kim @89# (probably should have done 95#)
    93 total (47 for Kim, 46 for me) = 8277#

  2. with Kory: 9,335#
    Bri: 55 x 47# (PR!) and did a few reps of 52# during warm-up, it was a great day! = 2,585#
    Kory: 50 x 135# = 6,750#

    awesome noon class!

  3. With Jen: 223 @ 57# (12,711# total!!!)
    Also, team “Landon’s Children” FTW 😛

  4. With Martha: 80 @ 57#, 44 @ 45# = 6,540

    (Can’t remember what the total was for our whole team, but I believe we lost by 300#. Major time management fail on my part.)

  5. on Saturday:

    C&J: 185 PR
    Snatch: 135 PR tie
    Backsquat: 3 plate club! (315# PR)

  6. Friday: 111 @ 47# with Amy (who had 52, I think)
    Saturday: high hang squat cleans 3X7 – 72,72,77,77,77,82,77 (82 was ug-lee)

  7. On saturday:

    ~4100lbs overhead in 6min, solo (alternating snatches with power clean &jerks)

    -then skill work on jerks (89 x 5, 111 x 3)

  8. Wednesday’s WOD w/ Kory
    Some jumping Muscle Ups thrown in here and there

  9. On Sunday…
    OHS 3×5: 82,87,89,94,99 — this is 29# up from last time i did it on 12/15/10
    Kyle’s crazy prowler wod: 9 rounds (I think) + 4 du’s

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