Monday Workout: Backsquat & Little Ditty


Backsquat 5-5-5-5-5


Set the clock to 6 minute countdown. Score is total number of wall balls.

  • Row 500 Meters
  • 30 Ring Dips
  • Max Rep Wall Balls (20 / 14)


4 Minutes of Shoulder Sink Stretch [vid]

47 Comments on “Monday Workout: Backsquat & Little Ditty

  1. For the BS is there a percentage of our 1 rep max we should be aiming for? Also, should the weight be the same for all sets or should we go up each set?

  2. Being that this is the begninning of the cycle, going with a comfortable, moderate weight is just fine. You have six weeks to make it heavy.

    But, if you would like to approximate it with previous 1RMs:

    3×5 = three sets of five reps at a sustained weight (ex. 250, 250, 250)

    5-5-5 = three sets of five reps attempting to increase the weight with each set (ex. 245-250-260)

  3. start at 60 to 70% of your 1 rep max if it’s established. try to work at the same weight, but if it’s too easy move up.

  4. BS: 155# still have a tiny knee dip I need to look out for 😦
    WOD: 52 35# db swings after the row and 30 (gimpy) push ups

    RANDOM NOTE: has anyone been to the pub trivia night at Rapture? Is it any good? Any interest in doing trivia on Thursday?

    • Joe and I have gone a few times. The trivia is fun, but the atmosphere at Rapture is not great. They do the same trivia on Saturdays at Baja Bean on the Corner. That one’s usually more fun, but both are good.

  5. 155×5, could have been a bit deeper.
    did 12 wallballs @ 10lbs, (used red band), something funky happened to my knee 15 secs before end of wod and had to throw in the towel. *le sigh*

  6. 265, last set at 275 (should try at least three sets at this weight during week 3)
    57 wallballs

  7. BS: 133×2, 143, 155×2
    WOD: 18 wallballs. Working on making the ring dips as close to rx as possible = not a lot of time for wallballs. 10 rx dips, 15 one loop of the red band, 5 full red band.

    Dave wanted to make sure everyone was aware of my poor wallball technique. Thus a sad face next to my name on the whiteboard. Very inspiring.

    • This was meant in the nicest possible way. The new wall ball form is looking stellar. 🙂

  8. BS: 135-145-155-165-175

    WOD: 31 wallballs @14# (subbed only 10 [realllllly ugly] ring dips instead of 30… but that’s still 4 more unassisted ring dips in a WOD than I’ve ever done before)

  9. BS: 89#
    WOD: 10 wallballs (14#), red band dips
    ok, I admit, probably 75% of those wallballs came nowhere near the tape.

  10. BS- 155×2, 165×2, 177.
    WOD: 33 Rx (though the last 10 ring dips didn’t look pretty)

  11. @Home
    BS: 95, 135, 165, 165, 165#
    WOD: 39 (red band dips, last 8 toes on box, 15# ball)

  12. BS: 111, 121 x 4 (focusing on form – tight core, no hyper-extended/arched back)

    WOD: 45 wall balls @ 14#, only 20 ring dips

  13. up to 215 on BS, 64 RX. Pretty broken though, should have had more with 3:30 left.

  14. BS: 104#
    WOD: 20 @ 10# (too light but the 12 was in use and 14 goes nowhere near the tape), 30 (some nfrom) ring dips

  15. BS: 89#
    WOD: Probably 5 actual strict wall balls. Maybe 15 if we’re not worrying about it reaching the tape or touching the wall or anything that makes it an actual wall ball 😛
    (Ring dips with heels on box, 6#) Aaaaand it’s back to box dips for a while…

  16. BS: 111, 121, 121, 121, 133

    WOD: 37 (questionable red band ring dips, 14# half on and half near-ish the tape wall balls)

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