Nutrition Challenge Reminder!

We are starting our Nutrition Challenge at 8PM tonight and anyone can come to the meeting to get started.  Please show up promptly at 8PM and we will go over guidelines, rules and everything else.

Please print out the following and bring it with you to the meeting:

  1. Slides.
  2. Nutrition Cheat Sheet
  3. FitDay Examples Feb8, Feb9, Feb10
  4. CrossFit Journal Zone Article

Also bring:

  • $20 in cash for the prize pool!
  • Yourself as we need to take pictures showing your midsection.

Please refer here for detailed rules.

1 thought on “Nutrition Challenge Reminder!

  1. Of course on Day 1 of the Nutrition Challenge the library staff brings in Valentine’s cookies and Hershey’s chocolates. Oh yes, my Irish tea is just *delicious* thanks for asking.

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