Oyster Point/Team Grit 2011 Workouts

If anyone is interested, here are the workouts we have to do this weekend…

WOD #1

Option A
10 Sandbag Cleans (full squat cleans) 100/60#
15 Burpee lateral jump over sandbag
Option B
15 Kettlebell Goblet Squats 70/53#
10 Burpee box jumps 24/20″

One Teammate will perform Option “A” while the other Teammate is performing Option “B”. It is up to the Team which member performs which option. Teams score is the combined time of both options. Ie: Teammate “1” does option “A” in 8:30 and Teammate “2” does option “B” in 9:00 their score is 17:30. The fastest combined time will receive 1 point and rank first overall for this wod.

~ start time 1:00 pm
20 HSPU total for Team
Snatch (115/85#)/Bear Crawl to push ups
Push-ups/Bear Crawl to Snatch area

A. Buy-in is 30 hand stand push ups for the team- It can be split however the team desires. The range of motion for the HSPU is as follows: The athlete will start inverted with their arms fully extended. Their partner will be holding their feet for balance. The athlete will lower themselves until the top of their head touches the ground. Once their head touches the ground, they will extend their arms until they reach full extension of the arms. The athlete providing support may offer assistance to the athlete if they need it. Once the athlete’s have finish their HSPU they will move to completeas a team: Both teammates will work together alternating between the two movements.

~ start time 4:00pm
WOD #3
For Time
200 Double Unders (CAN USE YOUR OWN ROPE)
150 KBS 53/35
100 Ball Slams 20/15#
75 GHD situps
50 Sandbag Getups 80/40#
2500m Row

As a team the athletes will complete the following for time:
200 double unders- rope must pass under athletes feet twice during a single jump for the repetition to count.
150 kettlebell swings(53/35)-athlete must swing bell from between their legs to a position directly overhead, they must reach full hip and knee extension for a repetition to count.
100 ball slams-the ball will be brought from full extension overhead,to a hard slam on the ground and must be caught to have the rep count. If the athlete drops the ball or does not catch it the rep does not count.
75 Glute ham sit ups-the athlete must move from touching the ground over their head to touching the center post of the GHD with their knees straight. If the athlete fails to touch the ground and touch the center knob/post the rep will not count. If the athlete fails to straighten their knees at the finish the rep will not count.
50 sandbag get ups-executed very similar to a Turkish get up except the load is placed either on their chest or shoulder. The athlete must start fully supine with their head, shoulders, hips, knees and heels touching the ground. This is the position for the start and finish of the movement. The middle of the movement is that the athlete gets full upright with full hip extension.
2500 meter row-team may split however they want. Split in half, relay…it doesn’t matter just get the distance finished as fast a possible.

~ start time Sunday Morning 930am
WOD #4
For distance:
Slam ball toss-athletes will get three chances to reach a maximum distance in the slam ball toss, the longest throw from each athlete will be added together to make the teams total distance. There will be a start line that athletes will not be able to cross. The ball can be thrown any way the athlete chooses but may not be rolled. The longest distance of each teammate will be combined for a total distance. The team with the longest distance will receive 1 point and rank first overall for this WOD.

We know you’ll have questions so please place on Facebook CrossFit Oyster Point or email dianne@CrossFitOP.com

Two more WODs on Sunday. (Final WOD for top 10 Co-ed teams and Top 5 Mens teams)
See you at the WOD!

13 thoughts on “Oyster Point/Team Grit 2011 Workouts

  1. #4 – turn with your back facing towards where you want to throw it. bend down in a squat and then arch your back and throw it behind your head. drive with your legs, and almost jump backwards…then you can really launch it. used to do those back in the day on the beach quite a bit. would be fun to do them in our box sometime!

  2. Wow, this looks awesome!

  3. Gonna work these WODs like they owe us money

  4. WOD 3 test run for everyone with Ian. 27:47.

    The row and t-getups are where you will win this WOD.

    1. Jason/Elizabeth: 26:33 rx (go go Team Paleo with a Dessert Bias!)

  5. Who are “we”?

    1. Gretchen/Kyle, Cat/Ted, Elizabeth/Me

      1. Well, “break a leg” (probably not the right good luck metaphor for CrossFit)!

  6. Last one is Elizabeth/Jason. Pulled a Joe!

    1. I was about to say….uhhhh, what a second, you just did Friday’s WOD with me and you are competing tomorrow?!?! 🙂

      good luck everyone!

  7. Where are the results??

  8. Great job to all three teams, and especially to Kyle and Gretchen on taking 3rd overall!

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