Wednesday Workout: WOD#6 from Team Grit

WOD #6 Team Grit

As a team of 2, complete the following:

  • Run 400 Meters In a Relay (One person runs to back of parking lot, comes back, tags other person, runs, tags other person and then you can go inside)
  • 50 Deadlifts (225/155)
  • 50 Box Jumps (24 / 20)
  • Run
  • 50 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls w/ Kettelbell (70/53)
  • 50 Sandbag Push Press (60 / 40)
  • Run
  • 50 Oyster Pointers (thruster ball to partner over the length of the bar, burpee on the ball, thruster to other partner. you must catch the ball or no rep)
  • Run

Scores to beat…

  • Kyle and Gretchen: 13:00
  • Jason and Elizabeth: 15:23
  • Ted and Cat: 15:40

19 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: WOD#6 from Team Grit

  1. You’re on!

  2. Awesome awesome job morning team — I have to admit it was a little painful to watch others do that wod again.

    In case anyone is confused about the “Oyster Pointers” I drew on the board a lovely and informative diagram with stick figures. They should leave no questions un-answered šŸ˜€

  3. 13:40 solo
    25 reps of every movement, 200m runs
    226# D:, 2 pood KB, 65# push press, 20# wallball burpee squat clean thrusters

    Can’t believe Gretchen and Kyle did the whole workout in less time…

  4. With Seth 16:31 52# sandbag.

  5. w/ Hillary & Paige: 21:36 (I think. Help me out, ladies.)
    (75 reps, 89# DL, 45# KB for Hillary, 35# KB for Paige & Lex, 28# sandbag, 10# WB)

    1. Looks about right!

      That was way fun. We should do oyster pointers every day. It’s like a wallball, but not terrible.

  6. 14:37 w/ Landon (rx’d)

    Mad props to kyle and Gretchen for doing this in 13:00.

    Punishment: 100 burpees (slow and steady): 10:35

    1. Punishment, indeed! I did 40 of them for “fun” (5 each time you get hit) while playing dodge ball with the kids class. I really need to learn how to dodge.

  7. 18:07 w/ Mike M. (177#DL, 45#KB, 42# PP, 14#WB)

  8. with Joelle šŸ™‚ : 19:38 (89# dl, 18″ box, 35# kb, 32# sb, 10# wb)

    1. What she said.

      My pulled glute was quite bothersome during the runs. I’d like to say it slowed me down, but I doubt it. These WB burpees are less icky than the regular ones. Honestly… this was easier than it looked and kinda fun!

  9. w/ Staton 16:42 RX

  10. w/ John
    23:44 all rx except my 133lb deadlifts (gotta get stronger)

    we were all pumped to try to see how close we could get to Cat/Ted, and alas, the answer is: NOT VERY

  11. 23:44 Rx with Devon as partner

  12. 15:01 solo Rx (except pp… 20# one arm), oyster pointers w Jason

  13. 21:38 with G (133# DLs, 53# KB SDLHP)

  14. w/ Hillary & Lex: 21:36, 75 reps per round, 89# DL, 35# KB, 28# sandbag, 10# WB

  15. with Amy: 22:45
    89# DLs, 35# kb sdhp, 22# sandbag push press, 14# wb for oyster pointers

  16. w/ Jen


    Jen’s beast sprint at the end gettin’ us sub 16. Woop!

    (133# DL, 20″ box, 42# sandbag, 53# KB, 14# ball)

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