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Every Tuesday, starting March 16th, for 6 weeks, there will be workouts posted that you must do in order to qualify individually or as a team for regionals.   While not all of us have a shot at the final CrossFit games, I think we have a good chance of getting a team there and having a lot of our athletes qualify for the regionals. Could we put the highest number of qualifying athletes to regionals? I think so!

I encourage you to take part in the 6 week series even if you have to scale. We’ll setup a competition like environment and have judges for each athlete. We will verify your scores online. Our programming will be geared towards the Saturday competition day.

The FAQs:

When are we doing the workouts?

Every Saturday @ 1PM at the Gym (except April 23)

What is happening April 23?

We are hosting a Level 1 Cert, so depending on the workout, we will still attempt to do it on Saturday at 1PM. If the workout has anything to do with muscle ups, pullup bars or wallballs, we will most likely do the workout on early Sunday (7AM), the 24th.

Do we plan to opt in each week?

Yes. We have a boatload of equipment and I can’t imagine we won’t be able to meet equipment requirements.

How will the workouts go?

Based on our knowledge of athletes, we will put expected top performers together in the fastest heats each week.  We plan to move through stuff pretty quickly and keep heat sizes to about 5 to 8 people.

How does judging work?

You don’t have to judge, but we will ask everyone to take turns judging each other. Judges will be randomly assigned to each competitor.

What is the Cost?

The cost is for the entire series and for the scheduled time. Payment must be made on the first day of the first event and is non refundable.

  • For Members (if you Judge): Free
  • For Members (if you don’t Judge): $80
  • For Non-Members (if you Judge): $80
  • For Non-Members (if you don’t Judge): $160
  • For Dropping In to a Single Event: $25

Can I Do an Event if I Can’t Make the Saturday @ 1PM time Slot?

Yes, but the cost is $30 and you must schedule it directly with Kyle.  No exceptions.

Do I have to Pre-Register?

Yes, please fill out this form. It doesn’t bind you to anything, but we need a rough headcount so things run smoothly.

Do I have to pay to spectate?

Nope. please cheer us on!

Any more questions?

4 thoughts on “CrossFit Charlottesville Games Open Information

  1. Saturday April 23 the box will be overrun with people getting their L1 Cert… just thinking about planning ahead for that final Open WOD

  2. I’m a little confused on how this works… is CrossFit Charlottesville offering a “Sectional” to compete at “Regionals” or are we part of a larger group competing for the spots at regionals?

    Similarly, if we’re doing these events scaled, does that disqualify us from progressing to the next round of competition? (maybe not outright, but are we functionally disqualified because even the “worst” athlete to complete a WOD Rx will be ahead of the “best” scaled athlete?)

    Along those lines, if we wanted to do this for fun (the CrossFit definition of “fun”), do we need to complete the entire circuit? For example, I know that I cannot make a certain Saturday during these 6 weeks, but since I’m not planning to compete at a higher level, do I *need* to make-up that WOD?

    I guess the distilled question at the end of this lengthy comment is: Should I join in the fun if I want to complete scaled versions of these WODs with our competitive athletes even if I have no intention of moving to higher levels of competition?

    1. it’s a formal process for qualifying for regionals. if you want to try to qualify, then yes you have to do everything and you need to do it RX. If you want to do it for fun (which you all should!) you don’t have to do every workout and you can scale.

      1. Thanks for the clarification!

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