23 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Weighted Pullups & Team WOD

  1. bummed that I have been out of town and will be gone next week for the paleo potluck! Hope there will be another one soon, excited about the weightlifting class– let us know the first start date!

  2. 3-4 unweighted strict pullups, practiced kipping which has regressed
    wod with Dan: 19:06?
    reps split mostly evenly except wall balls and kbs which he did more of
    red band pu, partner hspu with limited ROM and Dan bicep curling my ankles, 37# snatch, 8# wb, 35# kb

  3. 19:06 with Sarah
    67# snatch, 45# KB

  4. Worked up to 90# (two 45-lb KB’s) on the pull-up.

    Also practiced some Floreio with Ben.

  5. Because it’s the weekend, because it’s (apparently) Spring Break, and because this is just rad:

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=665PiWDqXyc&w=640&h=390%5D

    1. and apparently it refuses to embed but it’s the “Sheen Wars” mash-up (Charlie Sheen rant and Darth Vader… how can you resist?)

  6. More links. Pretty good article re: dietary fat. Looks like some mainstream academic/policy types are starting to come around:

    Now, if someone can help the guy pictured above tighten up that form, we’ll really be cooking.

  7. weighted PU- 35#
    WOD- (With Lauren) 15:42 jump. PU, 2 abmat, 45# snatch, 10# WB, 35# KB

  8. Gretchen Kittelberger March 4, 2011 — 7:06 pm

    Weighted pull-up 55#

  9. weighted pull-up (okay chin-up): 25# (10# PR… however it’s been quite a while since I last attempted this so I guess a PR was in order)

  10. weighted pull-up 30#
    weighted chin-up 35#

    WOD: 19:18 w/ Katie

    strict pull-ups/chin-ups, 1 abmat, 67# power snatch, 14# WB, 45# KB

  11. Weighted Pullup – 112# / Lex (+8 PR)

    WOD – 15:30 w/ Scott
    Scott Rx
    Justin 53# KB

    1. nice! new partner WOD movement… buddy pull-up

    2. Dude that is just nuts….

  12. Strength: 1 real pullup (PR!)
    WOD: 17:10 w/ Carolyn
    (blue band PUs, HSPUs on tall box, 37# snatch, 6# WB, 25# KB)

  13. Weighted chin-up: 30# (guess i should have tried the other grip too, didn’t think of that)
    WOD: 16:27 w/margaret
    I did stict pus (mixed grip), 2 abmat hspus, 47# snatches, 10# wb, 35# kb

    And yay Lex on the pull-up PR!!!!

  14. WPU: 55# Max
    WOD with Nick: 16:06 (2 ABMATs on wall HSPU, 77# PS, 14# WB, 45# KBS)
    2 days in a row at the Gym (Spring Break is a wonderful thing!)

  15. pull up work: got one real pull up out of many attempts

    WOD: 16:27 w/ Hillary – fun!
    Same snatch (47#), wall ball (10#), and kettlebell (35#) as Hillary. But I did box handstand push ups, and I did red band pull ups, though I had to switch to blue around number 40, so I think I probably did the last eight of my share with the blue band.

  16. Pullup: 20# (mixed grip)
    WOD: 19:18 w/ Kim
    red band PUs, 2 abmat hspu, 67# snatch, 14# wb, 35# kb

  17. pullup: 95# (pr)
    WOD: 12:08 rx w/ Landon

  18. Weighted chin up: 50# db
    1/2 of the WOD solo @ 2 abmat wall hspus, 67# snatch, 20# wb, 45# kb: 11:10

  19. BS make up 3 set of 5 at 221#
    Friday wod with Kyle 12:08 Rx

  20. Weighted Pull up: Red Band with 25#

    WOD: (With Martha) 15:42 jump. PU, 2 abmat, 45# snatch, 10# WB, 35# KB
    What I would call fun!

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