27 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Kelly

    1. Is this still your least fave WOD, Jason? It’s still mine. Let’s see if my mind is changed come Wednesday night.

      1. It’s definitely my least favorite of the girls, but idk about my most hated overall. this was probably worse
        I think Kelly bothers me partially because I think I should be a lot better at it than I am. I didn’t think Murph was nearly as bad. Badger comes pretty close.

      2. I had erased that WOD from my memory.

  1. 31:09 Rx (PR)

  2. 32:33 (16×18″ BJ, 16×14# WB)

  3. 19:38 (15 x 18″ Box, 15 x 14# WB)
    May have over-scaled this one… 20 reps/round with a higher box next time

  4. 28:59 (6# wb)

    lost some time searching for my missing wall ball :-\

  5. 32:39 rx’d (20 seconds slower than last time. why did i give her another chance?)

    also, 1st muscle-up pre-WOD.

    1. yayyyy muscle-up!!!

  6. 22:47 (20 box jumps, 20 6# WBs)

  7. 29:15 rx (PR by 4:17)

  8. WOD: 30.06 Rx

    Never taking this much time off from xfit! lost 8 seconds. I want another try… Soon!!

    1. * correction: added 8 seconds, not lost :/ oops

    2. or maybe your wallballs were going higher?

      1. that’s what I told her!

      2. I do think that could have been it… I actually put a ball under my tush so I had full range, and added when it didn’t reach.
        But I still want to try this one again! I will beat my time! 🙂

  9. 24:14 with rowing 400m rest rx

  10. made up Saturday…
    WOD: 32:43 (12″, 6#wb), almost 4 minutes faster than last time AND did full reps rather than scaling to 15 in rds 4&5. I could have gone heavier wb’s today but wanted to get all reps in. Now to work on heavier wb’s and higher box…

    – first time doing Kelly by myself was not fun in May, the second time doing Kelly by myself still not fun…

  11. Saturday Make-Up: 24:31 (30 DU sub for bum leg, 20 WB at 8#)

  12. made up on Saturday
    27:47 (10#, 18″)

    a 29-second improvement from May (this was the second real CrossFit WOD I did, I think), when I was only using a 6″ wallball and a short box

  13. Made up on Saturday – 26:52 rxd. Last time I did this was August 2010, so it’s improved by about 2 1/2 mins

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