Competition Programming Cycle

Competition Cycle

Since we are competing in the CrossFit Games Open on Saturdays (everyone is invited, even if you scale), we are programming to match this schedule for the next 6 weeks. Volume will be slightly reduced during the week and we will try to focus on movements that make sense given past and predicted future workouts.

  • Monday – Strength Movement + Short Metcon
  • Tuesday – Longer Metcon
  • Wednesday – Strength/Metcon Based on the Competition Workout for that Week
  • Thursday – More Strength/Metcon Based on the Competition Workout for that Week (suggested rest day for competitors)
  • Friday – Programming the Saturday Competition Workout (you should rest on Friday if you are doing the competition)
  • Saturday @ 1PM – Competition!

FYI: Workouts are announced at 8PM on Tuesdays.

CF Total

We will be doing a CrossFit Total on Tuesday of next week.

2 thoughts on “Competition Programming Cycle

  1. So Fridays will be exactly the same as Saturday at 1pm? (from the perspective of those interested in competing for fun but not interested/capable of competing in the official sense)

  2. ahh… what to do? tues/thurs metcon? or oly? or both? getting mixed signals

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