Thursday Workout: Circuit Recovery Awesome



Go through this circuit 5 times (so long as you are not making the entire circuit last more than 20 minutes) and allow yourself to fully recover between sets:

  • Incline Plyo Pushups [3 to 10 reps]
  • Broad Jump, Resetting Between Jumps [3 to 10 Reps]
  • Overhead Ball Throw [3 to 10 reps]
  • Dumbbell Push Press [3 to 10 reps]

Finish with a sled pull to the back of the parking lot or a partner/sandbag carry to the top of the railroad tracks.

We don’t want you to experience metabolic fatigue (ie. high heart rate).  Slow your rhythm if needed. If performance is not improving, stop the reps. Listen to your body.  Make sure it feels good.

7 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Circuit Recovery Awesome

  1. Love the video! The song is “First Breath After Coma” by Explosions in the Sky:
    They’re playing at The National in Richmond on April 4th if anyone is interested!

    1. I think “Fun” (as rx’d) is the best WOD ever. EVER.

  2. Made up my own WOD today…

    Run 5k:
    Every 1000m, 50 double unders


    Definitely tiring…

  3. I’m not sure if we’re supposed to post anything for this WOD, but I will just to remember that I did it:

    14# wallball, 20# dumbbells, 52# sandbag walk/jog to railroad tracks, fun

  4. I liked the sled pull, with 70# added on.

    Also, Oly lifting: Max snatch – 67# (PR)

  5. i also liked the sled pull, did not like the instruction to go “slow” with it. i think it was lydia’s weight + 45#

    successful circuit recovery WOD: ~5′ jumps / 20″ ball / 35″ dumbbells

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