April Updates: Goal Setting, Saturday Open Gym, New Classes, Goodies

Thanks for the recent feedback on our survey. As always we can do a better job and we appreciate any feedback.  We have a few changes that will happen immediately and starting in April.

New People… Please read this!!!!

Goal Setting Meetings

If you would like to setup a one on one meeting next week to set goals for the next 3 to 4 months, we will be offering that option. The meetings will last 20 minutes and I will go over short, medium and long term goals with you and what you need to do to accomplish those goals. Goals can be anything from being more proficient in movements to graduating from BUD/S.  Spaces are limited, please add your name to this sign up sheet by Midnight on Sunday.

New Kids Class @4PM on Monday!

Did anyone see our Kids Segment on Make Dan Sweat? Starting this coming Monday, we are adding a Kids class at 4PM on Mondays,

Morning Class Schedule Change: 9:30AM Tuesday/Thursday Starting April 1st

Starting April 1st, we will no longer have a 6:30AM Tuesday/Thursday Class. We will now have a 9:30AM class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays will still be 6:30AM.

Class Structure Change

We will add a little formality to our class structure. You can expect a brief overview and a wrap up at the end of class. Please keep giving us feedback.

Saturday Open Gym Times

Starting immediately, we will just do an open gym during our same listed hours on Saturday.  Come in and work on whatever. It can be a makeup, strength work etc, just understand that it won’t be as structured as our weekly classes.  The open gym will end at the end of the listed class times. A trainer will be there to help you if you need help.

Survey Responses

We really appreciate the survey responses.  Here are some overall responses in addition to the above changes:

– We have added 2 trainers to the Tuesday 5:30PM class which should alleviate the large class size. I don’t think we have other problems with class size outside of that time slot.

– On programming, we try to keep it varied as possible, but things like the sled and tires are limited so it’s hard to program for a big group.

– Rowing challenge is still open to anyone who wants to row.  We are stuck somewhere a hundred miles off the coast of Virginia.

– On equipment, I know we have some limited equipment at times. I’d encourage you to be flexible about how you think about a workout.  For things very custom to an individual like speed ropes, I’d encourage you to order your own.

– On advanced classes, stay tuned, we will offer something open to qualified athletes.

1 thought on “April Updates: Goal Setting, Saturday Open Gym, New Classes, Goodies

  1. I was out of town until today and would like to sign up for the goal setting meeting, unfortunately I don’t make it back into town during the week until the earliest 6:15 – if I can’t do it Tuesday night can I schedule something for next week? Thanks!

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