17 thoughts on “Tug of War Defending Champions

  1. Me, duh. This was totes funsies.

  2. I’m in. It’s Sunday, April 17th, by the way.

    1. April 17 is just getting better and better

  3. Dragging sorority girls across the grass is my idea of a great Sunday (wait, what?).

    I’m in.

  4. I’ll do it! Looks like they’re limiting the number of people per team though…

    1. At 5 per team I bet we could field 2 ladies’ teams!

      1. Indeed. 5 people per team…no weight limit.
        I’m aiming for two women’s teams and at least one men’s team.

  5. So sad to miss this this year. My knee is healing but not fast enough for this.
    I MISS you all!!!!

  6. I am definitely down for this.

  7. i’ll play

  8. Should be in. Can give a definite answer once practice time is determined.

  9. depends on thesising, but probably in

  10. D and I will be there cheering you guys on (and taking some pictures, of course)!

  11. I need some big dudes to sign up for this. Any takers?

  12. You’ll have to find another coach/hype girl this year…I’ll be out of town that weekend. 🙁

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