Thursday Workout: Partner Workout



With a partner complete the following with only 1 bar per gender:

  • Run to Chicken Coop (together)
  • 50 Burpees
  • Run to Chicken Coop
  • 50 Deadlifts (225 / 165)
  • Run to Chicken Coop
  • 50 Front Squats (135 / 95, you need to change plates)
  • Run to Chicken Coop
  • 50 Ring Rows (no kipping allowed!)
  • Run to Chicken Coop
  • 50 Push Pres (95 / 67, you need to change plates)
  • Run to Chicken Coop


26 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Partner Workout

  1. …where’s the chicken coop?

    1. i think it’s a metaphor

    2. could be that trashy mess out at the back of the parking lot…?

  2. Far right back hand side of the parking lot under a blue tarp. I had no idea until Kyle showed me last week…

    Just be glad he didnt take my adivce and program releasing them in the gym and trying to catch them like Rocky did…with a weight vest of course…

  3. Solo WOD (1/2 reps): 17:58 (DL: 105#, FS: 57#, PP: 45#)

  4. I knew I wasn’t hallucinating that rooster crowing the other day…

    1. Lex saw the coop after we investigated the sound and decided that she wanted chickens of her own… We were also surprised/glad to see we weren’t crazy about the rooster sounds though.

      1. I noticed it when some lady walked over to put the tarp over them. Odd place to put a Chicken coop… but I can’t say I know much about it.

  5. w/ Kate: 22:09 (89# DL, 57# FS/PP for Lex, 37# FS/PP for Kate)

  6. 20:10 with Lauren
    DL 30 reps @ 155#, FS @ 77#, PP @ 55#

    1. Lindsay kicked butt on the front squats! did a few more than I did!

      Thank you for picking up my slack!

      This was fun!

  7. w/ Kory: 20:49
    Joe: 165# DL, 95# FS, 70# PP
    Kory: Rx

    Fell behind on the FS (Kory picked up my slack), but otherwise 50/50 reps

    1. Thanks Joe for sharing the suck

  8. With Stating


  9. 23:15 w/Cameron
    PP45, FS 67, DL 89
    Cameron: I think… DL 111, FS 89, PP 67??

    1. Great second WOD ever!

  10. 15:45 solo & heavily modified, but good. Thanks Kyle!

  11. 21:09 (I think) with Jeff

    We split reps evenly. I did 133# dl, 55# fs and pp. (He did way heavier for everything.) Front squat suckitude. Otherwise fun!

  12. 16:12 rx w/ Scott

  13. Oly lifting:

    Power snatch 1×7
    121-125-125-125-130-135 (PR) – 140 (PR)

    OHS 3×5

  14. 15:41 w/ chris, did a lot of subbing stuf for hammies

  15. Oly lifting:

    Power snatch: 62×6, 67×1
    some Sotts press @ 10# and misc. messing around

  16. 16:37 w/ Chris
    Rx, except I forgot there was one more run to the chicken coop. Happy with being able to do the FS at 95 though.

  17. Oly lifting
    Power Snatch 1×7
    89#. Need to stop doing the splits.

    OHS 3×5

  18. 19:18 with greg. 153# deadlift, 87# front squat

  19. on 1/10/13 with Bryce

    17:39 rx

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