Goodbye Gym

As you may know I am attending graduate school this fall. I also have a few other business pursuits which will require my time this fall.  Training has been a fun experience for me, but the competitive aspect, the hours in the gym have worn me down. I can’t continue to train hard and to study and to do a few of these other ideas I’ve been working on.  I’ve decided that my last competition series will be the Open and after that I am retiring.

CrossFit has been a lot of fun, I’ve gotten a lot stronger and the community is great, but I need to find something that better fits my schedule and lets me workout at home. I hit a bodyweight snatch, PRed on my 5k time with a 19:10, made a lot of new friends, backsquat 225% of my bodyweight, and have a 3:30 Diane time, but at the end of the day, all those things don’t matter if I can’t bulk up and look good on the beach.

I hate to say this, but P90X has some good merits and I’ll be following that programming for a while.  In the future, I plan to switch my training to compete in some marathons and work on my bench pressing.  Thanks for all the good times everyone. My last day in the gym will be May 1st.

14 thoughts on “Goodbye Gym

  1. And I’m the new head trainer, obviously. Bow down to me, mortals!

    1. because I’ve abolished the no egos rule. Now it’s EGO’s RULE!

      1. RAWR!

      2. Eggo’s rule

      3. Mine’s bigger than yours!

  2. God, finally.

    1. Best comment. Haha.

  3. Kyle, you were made for squatting heavy things and for starting businesses from scratch. Let one passion never hinder the other.

  4. April Fool’s!?

    1. you’re quick

      1. Leggo my Eggo

  5. Emily Anderson April 2, 2011 — 5:24 pm

    reading that gave me a weird kind of nauseous feeling like the universe had suddenly turned inside out but I guess that’s how you’re supposed to feel on April 1st…

    1. ME TOO! too bad, this was the third time on Friday I fell for something…I never learn!

  6. I got excited about the Marathon pursuits…. and then i realized it was a joke. sad 🙁

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