Announcing Free Mini-Summer Training Camp for High School Athletes & Scholarships!

This summer we will be selecting 15 local high school athletes to participate in a 6 session (3 times a week for 2 weeks) FREE strength and conditioning program aimed to improve overall fitness and strength and thus improve performance in their chosen sport. At the end of the sixth session, 4 of the 15 participating athletes will be selected based on their performance over the 2 weeks to receive a full 3 month scholarship to the participate in CrossFit Charlottesville’s regular fitness and strength programming. An athlete’s coach must nominate him/her for initial inclusion in the program and selections will be made based on an athlete’s academic and athletic achievement as well as community involvement. The nomination application can be found here. Applications are due by May 31st.

The inital program will be scheduled 3 times a week over a 2 week period and will focus on building strength, aerobic capacity, and muscular endurance. The athletes will learn proper technique for many various strength exercises including weighted barbell movements as well as body weight strength building exercises. These skills will then be incorporated into short but intense workouts meant to enhance metabolic conditioning and muscular endurance. Regardless of your athlete’s chosen sport, this program will increase overall strength and physical preparedness thus increasing your athlete’s chances of success in the sport they specialize in. Any Charlottesville area athlete who will be entering grades 8-12 in the fall of 2011 may be nominated to attend.

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