Meet the Trainer: Chris G

Years Doing CrossFit: Going on 2 years in June

First WOD experience: Half-Angie with running at the UVA Track

Favorite WOD: Helen

Favorite Movement: Muscle-up, Cleans

How many times have you thrown up doing CrossFit: Never

If we had to name a workout after you, what would it include: Triple-Unders and a Lacrosse Ball Burpee

Favorite Thing About CrossFit: Being exposed to so many great methods in fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle

Least Favorite Thing About CrossFit: Heavy thrusters

Why did you decide to train clients at our gym: To share my passion for movement and to see others progress

Hobbies Outside of CrossFit: Music, drumming, teaching

Training Goals (short, medium, long): Learn more Floreio moves this spring, Run a trail ultra-marathon in September, Get stronger and move fluidly in life

Professional Career Goals: I plan to teach and play music internationally someday. I also want to play a role in the ongoing revolution towards local food, functional fitness, and intentional lifestyle.

What did you eat today?: Babes in the Wood Sausage and Faith Mission Home eggs over a bed of spinach, arugula, and olives, dressed in a BBQ spice yogurt from Disha’s Kitchen. Had a chocolate-banana smoothie post-workout, a decaf espresso in the morning and an oolong tea in the afternoon.

Favorite Cheat Meal: Dr. Ho’s Humble Pie

One Thing You Could Change about yourself: I would’ve started swimming and doing gymnastics at age 2.

Favorite Gym Experience: Some of the first classes in when the gym first opened: Forney teaching Dave Jennings and I how to lift, Ben coaching me through Fran, Kyle and Landon running some early morning classes.

4 thoughts on “Meet the Trainer: Chris G

  1. One of these days I’ll get around to trying a 10-min AMRAP of “Chris”. 1 TU and one lax ball burpee per round seem ok?

  2. What is a lacrosse ball burpee?

  3. Toss the lacrosse ball up into the air, do a burpee, catch the lacrosse ball before it hits the ground (or your face).

    Jason, don’t forget the WOD, “Life AMRAP: Levitate.”

    1. when does Ben teach us how to do this?

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