15 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Team Murph

  1. if I do team murph does that count as my birthday wod?

    1. possibly, if you’re both team members

    2. yes, if he carries the team member on the run

    3. 25:15
      Escaped the bday WOD, but I’m sure that can be fixed…

      1. did you at least wear the tiara?!?!?! It would look extra sparkly in that mane of yours.

  2. Russell & Dave J 19:53 rx

  3. 25:20 with Kate

    I just want to say that I love reading the “Meet the Trainer” interviews. You guys are all great!

  4. Gretchen Kittelberger April 14, 2011 — 8:42 pm

    Oly Lifting:

    3 Position Power Snatch (Light)–89×3, 94×1

    3 Position Power Clean (Light)–116×4

  5. 25:15 with Billy. Should have gone with 10/20/30

  6. 28:00 with Joe (RRs)

    We probably would’ve been a lot faster if not for my stubborn refusal to do any knee push ups. I look forward to regaining the use of my shoulders sometime next week…

  7. 26:34 with Marko
    (Bri: rr’s, knee pus)
    call me crazy, but I really liked this one!

  8. 20:31 with Chris

    I think this would be faster if each person only did one exercise at a time, rather than a whole round of Cindy.

    Oly lifting:
    3 position work
    133# snatch
    177# clean

  9. 16:53 w/ Logan

  10. WOD- modified for one- at home
    8 min. run, 25 pu, 50 pushup, 100 squats, 8 min. run

  11. 22:46 at home with 200 situps subbed for the 100 pullups

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