Friday Workout: WOD#4

Reminder: Thursday is the last day to take pictures for the Nutrition Challenge.

Judged times for WOD#4 are 10AM on Friday and 1PM on Saturday.

Please join us on Sunday at 2PM at Mad Bowl to join our Tug of War Team. We need more people! Please wear your CF Charlottesville shirts!

10 Minutes AMRAP of:

  • 60 Bar Facing Burpees
  • 30 Overhead Squats (120/90)
  • 10 Muscle Ups

19 thoughts on “Friday Workout: WOD#4

  1. 90.5 rx 😀

    1. did you get your first muscle-up!?!

      1. Yea NOT even close. I was just happy to finish the OHS with any time left at all to even get to the rings. I flashed them with feet off the ground and I’m counting that as ‘half’ a MU. 😀

        Granted, I will be working super diligently to get that first MU soon now. Soooooon now.

  2. 97 rx + wicked headache

    1. I happened to be on FB at 10 so I tuned in to ustream…saw the headache! Ow!

  3. trial 2 – 95 rx. couldnt find my balance on the ohs the 1st time

  4. 90 w/60# OHS. I hadn’t really expected to get to the muscle up part so I found myself with 20 seconds left and no plan…

  5. burpees + OHS (37#) + 5 ringrows + 5 redband ring dips

  6. 90 w/ 67# OHS

  7. 81 Rx

    satisfied w/ 21 OHS reps @ -6# my last OHS 1RM

  8. Saturday Oly:
    snatch (heavy) x7: 99#
    jerk balance (light) x2x7: 77# (I haaaaaate behind the neck it’s so scary)

  9. 91 (37#, 3:1 RRs/red band ring dips)

  10. 90 (67#) + 3 RRs on a box

  11. Snatch (heavy) x 7: 89#
    Jerk balance: 45# (way too tired from dirty 30 that morning go any heavier)

  12. burpees + 9 OHS rx’d

    That was harder than I anticipated! Thanks to Kim for very helpful encouragement 🙂

  13. 79rx. Die OHS’s!!!

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