Meet the Trainer: Jason

Years doing crossfit: 2 in the middle of July. I’ve been around about as long as the gym.
First Wod: I actually don’t remember, but I think it was 3 rounds of row 250m and 10 burpees. Ha.
Favorite WOD: I should probably say Annie so I’ll say Annie.
Favorite movement: I’m really starting to enjoy the olympic lifts, particularly cleaning. That or triple jump!
How many times have you thrown up doing CrossFit: zero, and I intend on keeping it that way (birthday wods notwithstanding)
If we had to name a workout after you, what would it include: either a triplet of situps, double unders and short sprints OR a triplet of OHS, HSPU and squat snatches. WOD 1 is “Jason”, WOD 2 is “Anti-Jason” 🙂
Favorite Thing About CrossFit: Friendships and camaraderie! Obviously I’m here to work out and be as fit as I can, but the right people and atmosphere are really what make Crossfit stand out. To our new members – I can’t stress enough how much talking to people and making friends at the gym will improve your motivation/performance/enjoyment.
Least Favorite Thing About CrossFit: Other than Kelly? I think some people (not at our box) are a weeeeee bit too intense with the “workout until you die” mentality and might need to take themselves a bit less seriously. I recommend working out with a tiara on. Oh and I still hate turkish get ups.
Why did you decide to train clients at our gym: Anyone who knows me is aware that I can’t help myself from giving advice – I figured doing what I normally do with the perk of free gym membership was too good to pass up! Kidding aside, I teach people all the time at school and I coach people at poker, so communicating ideas to people and teaching is clearly something I love to do. I’m pretty addicted to guiding people towards “aha!” moments.
Hobbies Outside of CrossFit: soccer, poker, Duke Basketball, music, video games, bitching about grad school. Hoping to add tennis and golf (+ other sports?) to this list over the summer, and maybe even get back into guitar someday – any bands in town need a terrible AND rusty guitar player?
Training Goals (short, medium, long): Short – 200# C&J/150# snatch/survive the open wods. Medium – BW snatch, possibly redo body composition some and add 5ish #s, develop some reasonable amount of upper body strength as my pressing strength is (relatively) awful, sub-58s 400m. Long – 1000# CFT, 500# oly total (I guess that should be in kg), be a regionals-level competitor. Many of these goals necessitate large increases in mobility, which is so important it’s not even really a stated goal.
Professional Career Goals: Let me defend my PHD (in 3 weeks!) and I’ll get back to you. Probably to be some fancy pants product development/science-business liaison or consultant.
What did you eat today?: eggs and bacon with milk (it’s early)
Favorite Cheat Meal:  CHOCOLATE, natch (high five Elizabeth!). If we’re being specific, the (large) black caesar at Arch’s.
One Thing You Could Change about yourself: I would consider trading calves with Forney in exchange for good thoracic, shoulder and hamstring mobility.
Favorite Gym Experience: Doing a WOD with my wife, mom, dad and sister, all of whom are now regular crossfitters.
One extra thing: if anyone has an idea for a cool social event we could do (doesn’t have to be a big thing, just ideas beyond going to Boylan :p) or an organized sport they’d like to make a cf cville team for (eg soccer, kickball, ultimate frisbee), let me know (

3 thoughts on “Meet the Trainer: Jason

  1. Idea!- Plan a group hike to Old Rag…….after you finish that PhD.! Congrats in advance!

  2. Outdoor fun day!!! Go to the park and have games along the lines of: egg/water balloon toss, limbo, jump the river, 3-legged races, etc….

  3. I’m glad they chose your best movement to showcase 😛

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