Friday Workout: Open #5

20 Minute AMRAP of

  • 5 Power Cleans (145/105)
  • 10 Toes to Bar
  • 15 Wall Balls (20/14) Women go to 9′

40 Comments on “Friday Workout: Open #5

  1. (rx women’s weight is only 100#…)

    8 rounds, 5 cleans, 6 T2B rx’d

  2. 11 rounds, 5 pc’s, 10 t2b, 6 wall balls

    Not sure what is worse in that picture– the shorts or my ghostly white hue

  3. 6 rds + cleans + t2b + 2 wallballs + multiple collarbone bruises

    • I love how prior to this you said “I think 4 rounds is a reasonable goal for me”. You did AWESOME.

      • đŸ˜€ Thanks! You were an awesome judge, and did great yourself.

        I think I’ve learned this trick from grad school – set the bar ridiculously low (I will read one article this week; the writing feedback from my advisor will say something more positive than “you are a terrible person and should be shot”) and you’re more likely to feel good.

  4. MY (Matt’s) SHORTS! Someone needs to come to CF Harrisonburg and leave a weird piece of clothing so we can take pictures too…. hahaha. COME VISIT EVERYONE.

      • I plan on reclaiming these during the team superfit. And wearing them during the comp.

  5. 9 + 3 PC’s Rx

    Hargis, if you’re reading this, I accidentally wore your oly shoes home! I’ll bring them back to the gym on Monday. If you need them before that, email me:

    This wouldn’t have happened if the Rogue Do-Wins I bought (and am now returning) weren’t such a terrible excuse for a lifting shoe. And/or if I had been paying any attention to what I was wearing on my feet on the way out of the gym today.

    • By the way, this was the closest I’ve ever come to puking during any workout. Pretty brutal.

  6. 7 rounds +2pc (89#, sub 5 front squat for wall balls cause shoulder hurt)

  7. 4 rnds + 1 WB (99# PCs, 16# WBs)

    First time actually doing T2B and using the 16# WB… those 2#s made a bigger difference than expected

  8. 7 + 7 T2B (Rx). It’s always bad news when wall balls are the good news…

  9. 7 + 3 PC Rx

    too much time & grip wasted resetting between each T2B rep. but otherwise ok

  10. 7rds + PC + T2B + 1 wallball RX
    I am going to defeat T2B in the month of May

  11. 6 rounds full, .75 round, didn’t finish the last 7 wall balls

  12. 3 rounds plus cleans and toes to bar in 10 minutes, finished the 4th round at 9:36

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