Tough Mudder: Register Now, Save $20!!!


Ok, here’s the deal. We are gonna be racing in a 10 mile brutal obstacle course on Sunday, October 23rd as a team from our gym. We are going to run a special training program to prep for this race and encourage all of you to compete. I told my friend Alex (who works for Tough Mudder) that we would sign up at least 20 people and he gave us a special discount code for $20 off registration. Additionally, we get a $20 discount if we have a big team.

Please register ASAP as you only have 24 hours before prices go up! We are gonna race together on Sunday morning!!!

Register Here:

$20 Off Discount Code: Email me for the code.

Team Name: “C’Ville Mudders”

Team Password: parrothead22

Get ON IT.  Post in comments if you are registered!

23 thoughts on “Tough Mudder: Register Now, Save $20!!!

  1. i’m doing it. duh.

  2. Is there a retroactive discount for us that have already placed our bodies on the altar of suffering?

    Either way, it is ON!


    1. i wish, but i think no. i just got the code yesterday. are you on the cville mudders team?

      1. Yuuuuurp! I’m going to get Alex to sign up too.

  3. Registered!

  4. Registered!!

    Note: there are 2 “Cville Mudder” teams – if the password doesn’t work, try the other team 😉

  5. Registered!

    1. p.s. Thanks for getting us the discount – that was great!

  6. Success. I’m in.

  7. who are the other 10 people registered!?

  8. just registered

  9. Lex and I are registered! I’m not sure what I’ve just gotten myself into…

  10. i signed up

  11. I registered for whatever Cville mudders team was on the twitter feed a month or two ago…I’m assuming it’s the same team?? I only saw one when I searched just now.

    So glad to see all the other people signing up! I was a little worried about getting over that big wall…

    1. Your on with everyone! I get the notifications when another team member joins!

      Wish I had had this discount when I signed up, Kyle… 😀

      Looking forward to it!

  12. Finally had the guts to register. I’m in!

  13. i’m in! this will be a helluva warm up for the philly half.

  14. Late, but in!

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