27 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: JT + Run

  1. i guess i should come tomorrow, huh? 😉

  2. Gretchen Kittelberger May 4, 2011 — 8:23 am

    I posted this on FB already but if anyone is interested in having the next crossfit social event be paintball please let me know. We need at least 10 people to tell me they’re interested before I schedule it. Cost will prob be around $20-$30. Let me know!!

  3. Hi everyone-
    Just thought I would check in…Let’s see I will be 3 months post op on 5/7/2011 (ACL reconstruction) and I was recently cleared to go back to the gym- no running or jumping yet but will hopefully be cleared for those next Monday. I have been going to the YMCA in Roanoke for about the past month. Sadly I will not be able to return to crossfit c-ville until Aug, or Sept. b/c I am out of town with my job more than before.
    Any who, so I have been doing lots of walking and (gulp) the freaking ellipictal but started back with shoulder press about a month ago and deadlifts 3 weeks ago. I have lost strength and muscle over the past three months BUT I truely think my recovery has been really great and I attribute that to doing crossfit up until my surgery in Feb.
    I’ll be posting some even though I’m not “really” back.

    SP: 5×5 @ 30,30,35,35,35
    DL: 5X5 75,75,85,85,85
    30 min fast walk on treadmill

    Miss all of you A LOT!!!

    1. Gretchen Kittelberger May 4, 2011 — 1:59 pm

      Awesome!! Trust me as someone who has been through it, I know how hard ACL recovery is, and you are doing AMAZING!! And the fact that you are getting cleared for running and jumping soon is really great!! Keep working hard, listen to the doctors, and ask LOTS of questions. You’ll be stronger and faster than you were before the surgery in no time! Let me know if you ever have questions, I will be more than happy to help!

    2. Awesome! We really miss you, too! Your recovery is so amazingly fast, I’m so happy for you. My cousin couldn’t jump for a whole year after her knee surgery, which was really hard seeing as she was a high school girls’ basketball coach! … on crutches. You are doing awesome, keep it up and of COURSE post your progress on here!

  4. JT: 11:06 + Rest + Run: 12:14 = 28:20
    30″ BoxHSPUs, Dips using Ben’s “Parallets on Jerk Boxes” Contraption and scaled to 15-10-5 (21-15-9 for the rest though)

  5. JT: 10:22 (7-5-3 reps of HSPU/RDs, 21-15-9 of push-ups)
    5 min rest
    1/2 hilly 5k: 13:20 (first time on that course and WHOA hills)

    total — 28:42

    1. 1:40 PR from my last non-rx JT (used 1abmsat+5kilo plate for HSPUs and red band ring dips but didn’t lower the rep scheme)… it’s so hard to scale this one! I think maybe I chose wisely this time. Definitely was feeling serious muscle failure in the shoulders at the end.

  6. JT: 7:15 (box HSPU, box dips with feet on box, reg pushups)
    + 5min rest + 12:28 run = 24:43 total

  7. JT: 9:30 (box HSPU, red band dips, reg pushups) 5 min rest 14:00 run = 28:30

  8. JT – 10:47 rx

  9. JT: 8:57 RX pr
    run: 10:06

  10. JT: 7:41 (box HSPU, box dips with feet on box, knee pushups)
    + 5 min rest + 14:29 run = 27:10 total

  11. JT: 8:39 (box hspu, box dips with feet on box) at AFC

  12. 28:21
    (9:11 – 1 abmat; scaled ring dips to 6-3-3 no-band-thanks-elizabeth + 5 min rest + 14:10 run-including-a-slight-detour-i-took-to-rescue-a-balloon-for-a-toddler)

  13. 11:23 (hspu w 1 5kg plate, red band ring dips)
    Sub 2400m row, 10:53

  14. 10:35 (2 abmat hspu, 15-10-5 dips)

    +rest+run=28:45 I think

  15. JT – 17:49 Rx – first 21 HSPU unbroken does NOT work.

    Run – 14:50

  16. JT: 12:52 (3-5-7 HSPU with 5k –> 10k halfway through 2nd round. Trying to get legit depth. 5-10-15 ring dips. 21-15- 9 push-ups.) Tried to pick a rep scheme that minimized rest time.

    Run: 12:36

  17. JT – 19:55 – 2 abmat HSPU + 3 trainers (mostly Cat) yelling at me to keep doing (decreasingly legitimate) singles pretty much the whole way. thanks guys, this is why the gym is awesome.
    Run – 12:15-ish

  18. JT: 14:13 w/ 1 ab mat for HSPU +5 min rest+12:37 run=31:50

  19. JT: 10:56 rx
    Run: 10:12

    1. JT on 8/11/11: 8:24 rx (much less trouble with pushup failure this time, better w/ ring dip technique)

  20. J.T.
    26:39 w/ 15KG plate


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