Meet the Trainer: Dave H

Years Doing CrossFit: Almost 3

First WOD experience: I can’t remember the first WOD exactly. Something with pull-ups, dips and running.

Favorite WOD: Nasty Girls

Favorite Movement: Muscle-Ups

How many times have you thrown up doing CrossFit: 7?

If we had to name a workout after you, what would it include: Double Unders, Muscle-Ups and Burpees

Favorite Thing About CrossFit: Accomplishment and the skill set. I enjoy reaching new plateaus and breaking through them along with learning and developing new skill sets such as olympic lifting, POSE running or gymnastics.

Least Favorite Thing About CrossFit: Attitudes.

Why did you decide to train clients at our gym: “When one teaches, two learn” — Robert A. Heinlein

Hobbies Outside of CrossFit: Working on computers and networks.

Training Goals (short, medium, long): Always become stronger and faster, set PRs and constantly address deficiencies.

Professional Career Goals: Own my own business – IT, systems, engineering. Finish college. Maybe help manage or open a Crossfit or strength and conditioning facility.

What did you eat today?: 6 eggs and 6 strips of bacon with a glass almond milk and a cup of coffee, Tuna salad with 2 diced apples and carrots, a handful of thin mint cookies, 2 small, lean cuts of beef with a spinach, tomato and onion salad topped with chipotle ranch dressing, paleo meatloaf with a glass of almond milk and a little over a liter of water throughout the day.

Favorite Cheat Meal: Five Guys or Chipotle.

One Thing You Could Change about yourself: I would begin weight training sooner along with boxing or wrestling. Maybe a martial art. Also, I would have taken a deeper interest in gymnastics.

Favorite Gym Experience: There are quite a few. I remember the a few workouts at Lannigan Field. Doing Nicole on a hot summer day in the on the other side of the building, in the old location. Doing Helen in the snow one night and the first SuperFit.

9 thoughts on “Meet the Trainer: Dave H

  1. 6 eggs + 6 bacon strips for breakfast!? that is impressive!

    1. om nom nom nom

  2. just out of curiosity, how many grams of protein do you typically consume in a day? we are about the same size, but I’m thinking you consume twice as much as me! haha

    1. I’m gonna guess he aims for about 200 grams of protein per day. Amirite!?

      1. You got it, Elizabeth 🙂

        I try to do 1 gram of protein per lb. of bodyweight.

        I weight 190-195 lbs. and I try to do 1 gram of protein per lb. of bodyweight so it’s around 190 grams per day.

        Ideally, it’s paleo-ish. Avoid junk and third world protein.

      2. yeah, I may have to start cheating with protein drinks cuz I am never gaining much upper body mass. I’m never home long enough to eat that much food (egg/bacon for breakfast, sometimes turkey for lunch, throw in a protein bar in the afternoon, and chicken breast or other large portion of meat at night).

        probably only getting around ~150-170 grams of protein/day, and I’m also like 195-200 lbs.

      3. I wouldn’t sweat it that much. Adding a scoop of whey, here or there, is a great way to pack in another 21-40 grams of protein pretty easily. Especially if you don’t always have time for a full meal.

        I usually have a scoop of whey protein with some unsweetened coconut or almond milk pre-workout then another at night before bed if I feel a little hungry.

        Play with the ratio and monitor your performance and mood. I HAVE to be diligent about eatting enough and getting enough sleep otherwise gains cease.

    1. ..Never realized the similarities..

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