37 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Hero WOD Collin

  1. 36:02 (52#, 89#, 24″, 77#)

  2. as written, hard runs,
    round two, christian lost his lunch
    three two four five, ow

    1. 0 points for AJ
      and 1 point for Kyle
      the former’s post boring
      but the latter’s had style

      1. 0 points for doing this wod seems pretty harsh!

  3. I think someone was adding sand to my sandbag each round.

    1. Poetry fail. Please try again.

  4. 41:35 (42#, 99#, 24″, 70#) and as per Kyle I threw up in my mouth a bit, not full blown hurling.

  5. 32:03 Rx

  6. 37:07 Rx. Thanks to Crossfit Charllottesville and the small yet tough as nails crew at the 0630 class for welcoming an out of towner and punishing me with the hardest WOD I’ve done in 4 months.

  7. 35:00 +/- a second or two

    rx’d (?? no women’s wts above, this is what Jason told me was rx’d enough: 67# bar, 32# bag)

      1. Oh crud. FAIL.

      2. I figured with one bar that going light on PP and RX on SDHP was better than going RX on PP and over RX on SDHP.

      3. If you want to try the WOD again tomorrow with 85 and see how it goes, by all means 🙂

  8. twenty-two pound bag
    fifty-five pound bar – heavy
    so I did four rounds

    1. aaaaaand my time was 27:18

      1. We’ll call this “haiku plus”

    1. I think it was 40 flat. 89# bar.

  9. 25:30 (4 rounds @ 28# bag, 50# bar rds 1+2, 45# bar rds 3+4)

    First workout back after 2 weeks of doctor-mandated rest. Taking it kind of easy until I get a little more of my strength back, but I’m so, SO glad to be back!

  10. 39ish (32# sandbag, 67# bar)

  11. 30:24 (32# sandbag, 67# bar… we didn’t know the women’s weight)

  12. Colin’s my bro’s name
    Collin’s tougher than me too
    three-six* plus, arrr exxx

    *Ball park guess; I need margaret or lauren’s time. I think that I was a minute or two behind that team

  13. “34:55”

    Fifty-two pound bar,
    Sandbag thirty-two.
    The runs seemed so far,
    Thank goodness that’s through.

    1. I want a ‘like’ button!

  14. 29:28, 67# bar, 32# sandbag

  15. 36:33, 47# bar, 24# sandbag, 12″ box+20kg plate

    Jen rocked this WOD in the 7pm! great job!!

    1. and Kim too!!! fantastic job to both of you!

    2. Thanks Bri! We had an awesome group at the 7pm class!

  16. Emily Anderson May 11, 2011 — 9:40 pm

    36:55 (22#sb, 45#bar, 24″box)
    I hated walking most of the 400meters. Whenowhen please anytime now will my ankle be rehabbed? Just wait til you guys see me with a sandbag then!

  17. WOD- 29:00 6 rds.
    24# bag, 51 # bar

  18. 34:41 (67#, 32# sandbag)
    actually really liked this one!

  19. 34:25 (no SB)

  20. Only had one bar
    Each run twenty meters too far
    Push Presses with Ninety Five
    I never ran out of hip drive
    Box Jumps nearly put me on the floor
    I finished in Three Zero Four Four

    In other words, 50# bag, 420m run, 95#PP and SDLHP, 24″ box, 30:44. All push presses unbroken.

  21. Once upon a midday haulin’, there I stood and pondered “Collin,”
    Over many a dreaded volume of heavy leg-work on the board,
    While I fretted, nearly leaving, suddenly I thought of heaving,
    As if I were weaving, weaving a vision on the floor,
    ” ’tis some other hero” I muttered, “weaving a vision on the floor —
    Not ‘Collin,’ nay, but ‘Moore.’ ”

    Ah, for 5 rounds I say I ran those 400s in May,
    And each separate rope-climb tore my skin a little more,
    Eagerly I wished the timer — vainly I thought me a climber
    As well as a pusher — pusher of my head up from the floor–
    For only three reps per round did I push my head up from the floor–
    And thus did this girl finish “Moore.”

  22. 39:09 w/42# bag and 67# bar

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