16 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Sprint It

  1. One hundred, ninety-six repetitions,
    Sixty seven pounds on the bar;
    Tore my thumb open in rack position,
    while trainer Jason yelled from afar.

    1. also, ring rows

    2. Sonnet?

      1. Not sure, but apparently I’m the only one who was still feeling compelled to wax poetic… I thought we were doing that for the whole week šŸ™

  2. 165, (69#, ring rows)

  3. 220 (37#, RRs)

  4. 113, 99, 82 = 295 rx + tears on both hands. Yikes.

  5. 264 rx’d

  6. 317 rx’d

  7. 252 (37#, rr)

  8. 219 (37#, rr)

  9. 116,90,83=289 rx. Pullups were seriously lacking.

    1. i miss you nate!!!

      1. Aww how cute. I miss all you guys too. My buddy here in Corpus keeps trying to get me to try out the gyms in town but I know they couldn’t compare to you guys. Lucky for me Jenn is a Crossfitting beast now and we get to share “quality” time together in our garage each day. Not quite the same environment, but she is pretty good at yelling “Come on! Get back on that bar!”

  10. Gretchen Kittelberger May 18, 2011 — 7:03 pm

    Max Snatch: 150 (10# PR)

    346 (55#)

    1. Gretchen Kittelberger May 18, 2011 — 9:00 pm

      After redoing the math just now I realized my total reps on the wod were actually 357 (132, 114, 111) Idk how i ended up with 346 the first time i added

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