Welcome to Mobility & Farm Shares

There are two things in life you did not know about:

1. We now have an awesome mobility section on the website.

2. There is a CSA farmshare from Bellair Farm that will deliver to Meade Park on Wednesdays.


Our mobility section was designed and organized by Ben, Jason and Chris G. It’s a self-serve section with links to short instructional videos.  Everyone in the gym (and even our stalkers) should be following at least one of these cycles to unglue hips, fix ugly shoulders and to generally be healthier. I can’t stress the importance of doing mobility and taking control of your destiny.

Bellair Farmshare

A local farm is doing a farmshare for 22 weeks in which you get A LOT of locally raised, seasonal food.  If you want to force some creativity into your cooking habits and finish your produce shopping for the next half year, I suggest you sign up. I signed up and am pretty excited about the food. It comes out to about 65 cents per pound which is a pretty good deal.  If we get enough sign ups, maybe I can convince them to drop the food off at the gym. Facebook Page I

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