2 Year Anniversary Party

Hey everyone, it’s almost been two years and we wanted to throw a party to thank all our current and former members, partners and sponsors. The plan is to have it at the Redinger’s and enjoy their newly built swimming pool, drink some good beer and eat some bbq.

Tenative dates are Saturday afternoons on July 16th or July 23th. We would probably start things off around 5PM. If there are any issues or you have any ideas can you please let us know in the comments. Thanks, Kyle, Chris and Landon

11 thoughts on “2 Year Anniversary Party

  1. +1 for July 17th.

  2. 2 votes for the 24th, since Joe and I will be out of town getting married on the 16th. 🙂

    (Also the 17th and 24th are both Sundays, not Saturdays.)

  3. updated to 16th and 23rd for saturdays..

  4. Sounds awesome! Alex and I will be back from gettin’ hitched by then so either weekend works for us. Just let us know what we can bring and where to show up!

  5. 1 for the 23rd

  6. 🙁 I’ll be in Oxford.

  7. I am free for any of those dates.

    Has it been two years?

  8. Thomas Trafford May 27, 2011 — 11:35 am

    +2 for the 23rd!!!

  9. I’ll speak for G and I and put a vote in for the 23rd. We’ll be out of town on the 16th.

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