26 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Salsa Time With Elizabeth

  1. what is the scaling options for hula hoop, and dance party?

    1. realllly shouldn’t matter as long as the “Shakira” pandora station is going strong!

  2. 15:30 rx (105# OHS, actually… too much rest on KBs)

    dance style of choice: pop’n’lock
    hula hoop count: 54 (unbroken yeahhhh)

    post workout meal: turkey burgers with salsa
    Sunday night workout: salsa dancing at R2 (everyone should come!)

    and I don’t have a video of Forney and me dancing (sad face), but pretty much we look exactly like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41NwQ2F191I

    1. On 1/4/13

      13:25 rx (105# OHS)

      paced the KBs much better this time (7-7-7 a round). Had it not been 7am and fasted perhaps I could have been under 13.

  3. 22:18 w/ 185# front squat, all else RX. I know what WOD jason is doing for his birthday/first metcon after strength silliness

    1. I think he should have to do the 4x 400m Max Effort on his last day of strength… for fun

    2. I can deal with bday wod, but 1st wod back = death/rhabdo. I like living.

  4. 18:45 (47# OHS, 35# KB, 133# DL) and one ripped blister (PR?)
    Hula Hoop: 64 unbroken

    No dancing as I refuse to dance to Rage Against the Machine. Although Dave H. suggested I start a mosh pit in the 5:30 class…

    1. whoa you must be on fast hula-hooper!!!

      1. Well, I did get to practice a bit yesterday…

  5. 18:54 (77# OHS, 45# KBS, 175# DL)
    Hula Hoop: 10 unbroken, PR FTW!!!

  6. Subbed 185# squat clean for OHS, the rest RX 19:05.

    1. 4 hula hoops PR because I have never hula hooped

  7. 15:32 (35# OHS – still trying to get that form!, 45# KB, 145#DL), got a bunch of hula hoops, but lost track of time so not sure about final count

  8. 25:18 (67# OHS, 35# kb, 133# DL)

    so. after two years and hundreds of workouts, this was the WORST. to anyone feeling like jason’s programming is mean, don’t worry, he’s hearing about it 🙂

  9. i did some yoga today back in vb. it was not as fun as hula hoop

  10. 17:42 (45# KB, all else Rx’d)

  11. 19:43 60 KG OHS, 225# DL

  12. 15:17- 89 lbs OHS, 53 lb KB, 243 for about 8 DL, then down to 221 for the rest. This was a beast…

  13. 19:56 Rx
    That was a tough one.
    Maybe got about 10 on the hula hoop action.

  14. 16:30 4 rounds (2 rx, 2 @ #225 dl)

  15. On Saturday, at Crossfit 757:

    5 rounds
    400m run
    30 box jumps
    30 wall balls
    32:06 rxd

    Not a PR, but it was pretty warm today. And I had the best time in the gym, which seems like enough for a holiday weekend!!!

  16. On Saturday …
    16:36 w/67# OHS, 45# kb, 175# dl
    Extra information no one really cares about but me: first wod with 45# kb, attempted to not deadlift with my back at was successful for, like, 2.5 rounds.

  17. 14:44 (57# ohs, 35# kb, 133# dl)

    lots of hula hooping afterwards

  18. WOD: 18:36 w/ one armed 70# KB OHS, 70# Swings and 225# DL after the first rd (275# for first rd).

    That ranks up there as one of the worst workouts ever. I wanted to die after rd 3 and nearly cried at the beginning of rd 5.

  19. 14:45 w/35# OHS, 35# Russian KB swings (first time with that weight in a WOD!), and 102# DL

    30 seconds of ‘N Sync dance party
    30 seconds of hula hoop (50 hulas)

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