27 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: “Suck Fest”

  1. out of town with work…”Tabata Something Else” 300rx

    1. (minus pull ups)

      1. copy cat!!! πŸ˜›

  2. 25:59 Rx
    +:10 longer than Jan 2010, but with no question of skipped rounds, and 30 degrees hotter

  3. 23:23 (35#) . i’m thinking vodka for dinner and bacon for breakfast wasn’t the best nutrition plan.

  4. 20.36 (15#). I’m pretty sure I did several extra man makers in the second round when I lost count somehow…

  5. 19:38 Rx ( with the stupid kettle bells)

  6. 31:15 @ 25#
    This was aptly named, also, I think 20# would have been the ticket

  7. 23:50 Rx
    My first Rx! Granted, no heavy lifting, but still exciting!

  8. 27:27 Rx
    Definitely could have hustled a lot more on the early sets, but still happy to do something Rx for once. πŸ™‚

  9. 29:50 (25#)

  10. 28:01 Rx
    also my first Rx – FINALLY, even though it wasn’t with heavy lifting I’m still happy
    I think I should get extra points for doing this wod by myself πŸ™‚
    thanks Gretchen for all the encouragement and literally sitting next to me the entire time!

  11. 30:08 rxish (15# but with knee pushups)
    I did heavier weight AND finished in less time than the last time I did this!

  12. 25:00 Rx’d

  13. 20:24 “rx” (15#, but some of the push ups were too lame to count as rx)

  14. 26:07 (10#, prob should have gone 12#)

  15. Got stuck with 15#, so we scaled it to 8 rounds. Most push-ups from knees. 17:15.

  16. 16:3something – about 3 minutes off my best time! 15#

    I kept track of rounds with a trusty set of pennies, otherwise I would have had no clue.

  17. 25:30 @20# in hotel gym. So weird working out infront of mirrors!!

  18. burpees for manmakers (no dumbbells here)
    situps were unanchored hands touch overhead to touching toes. Jenn is mad since she did full situps with chest to thigh and I ended up about 4 min ahead of her. So my time comes with the caveat that I “cheated”.

    WOD: 10:04

    Push Press: 140×5,160×3,180×2

  19. First workout back! I knew from the name that this was The One to start with after a long vacation and gettin’ hitched.
    12#DB, scaled to eliminate 1st round of 11 reps but I did so many extra manmakers on other rounds I’m pretty sure I made up for it.
    Thanks, Gretchen!

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