30 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Row 2k

  1. Where and how is the 2k row.. on machines? Thx

    1. Yes. Use any rower you like, though Concept2 rowers are what most Crossfit gyms have, set the damper around 120 and row 2000 meters for time.

  2. WOD: 8:45

  3. WOD: 7:07 PR (7:16 – 6/1)

  4. 8:32, PR of about 20s — since Feb 2010 (I have coincidentally missed about 5 2K rows since then … weird …).

  5. 7:06 First time on a rower since 15Feb and it def. felt like it. 5 sec slower than my PR set Feb 2010 (remember that one Landon??? You know, the one where you stopped with 200m left when on a sub 7 pace. haha.)

  6. @ work gym as I couldn’t make it in today 🙁
    10:27 (PR :21 since June 2010) still slow although probably could have been a little faster with loud music and someone yelling in my ear! I really need to work on my rowing…

  7. 7:26.3 pr by 10 seconds or so.

  8. 7:34.0– pr by 7.7 seconds

  9. 8:21 (PR by like 20)

  10. 7:15, PR by 15sec

    I know I have enough in me to hit sub 7 if I could just keep my quads from cramping and having to take breaks.

    1. oh yeah, I set the damper thingy to 5…not sure if that was the right call or not.

  11. 8:18, need to work on pacing!

  12. 7:54 (10 second PR)

    1. You rocked it…all that talk before got you pumped up eh?

  13. 8:57.9 (thanks kyle for the encouragement. i will try to not drop pace by 10seconds every time you walk away next time 🙂 )

  14. hmm. .. apparently didn’t post the first time. 8:25. . . 30secs faster than 13 months ago.

  15. 7:11 my straps continuously became loose. Is there any way to keep them tight?

  16. 9:18 (12 sec PR)

  17. 7:58.8
    1.2 sec PR, just excited to get below 8:00 🙂

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