Wednesday Workout: Row 2k

Skill Work

Rowing Instruction


Row 2,000 Meters for Time

Compare to 6/1.

30 Comments on “Wednesday Workout: Row 2k

    • Yes. Use any rower you like, though Concept2 rowers are what most Crossfit gyms have, set the damper around 120 and row 2000 meters for time.

  1. 8:32, PR of about 20s — since Feb 2010 (I have coincidentally missed about 5 2K rows since then … weird …).

  2. 7:06 First time on a rower since 15Feb and it def. felt like it. 5 sec slower than my PR set Feb 2010 (remember that one Landon??? You know, the one where you stopped with 200m left when on a sub 7 pace. haha.)

  3. @ work gym as I couldn’t make it in today 😦
    10:27 (PR :21 since June 2010) still slow although probably could have been a little faster with loud music and someone yelling in my ear! I really need to work on my rowing…

  4. 7:15, PR by 15sec

    I know I have enough in me to hit sub 7 if I could just keep my quads from cramping and having to take breaks.

    • oh yeah, I set the damper thingy to 5…not sure if that was the right call or not.

  5. 8:57.9 (thanks kyle for the encouragement. i will try to not drop pace by 10seconds every time you walk away next time 🙂 )

  6. hmm. .. apparently didn’t post the first time. 8:25. . . 30secs faster than 13 months ago.

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