Thursday: Skill work+ Rowing with a Twist

Skill Work:

  • Use the first 10-15 min to work on rope climbs, try different techniques and styles. If you cannot rope climb yet, work on rope pulls.
  • (Rope pull=laying with your back on the floor, pull yourself hand over hand up the rope to a standing position and then lower yourself back to the ground.)


  • 1500 M Row

**The catch**

  • At the top of every minute you must get off of your rower complete 7 push ups before you can start rowing again. Continue this pattern until you have rowed a total of 1500M.
  • Begin on the rower.

35 thoughts on “Thursday: Skill work+ Rowing with a Twist

  1. At Crossfit Lewes

    Shoulder Press 5-5-3-3-1: 55, 65, 75, 75, 95(PR +1#)

    400m: 1:30
    rest two minutes
    1 mile: got lost and missed a turn on the course. Got back at 8:31, maybe 7:30ish mile… no idea.

  2. Rope Climb: three attempts, made it to at least halfway but my fear of heights got the better of me.. will try again once the rope burn heals.

    WOD: 8:52

  3. yay rope climbing!

    wod: 10:55 (out of rowers: 300 DUs + 7 HOG pushups at top of the minute)

  4. WOD: 11:44 for 4 miles on the Aerodyne, HOG pushups. 6-pack and lunch on me for anyone who can beat that, though I reserve the right for one follow-up challenge 😉

  5. Rope climb was great!!
    WOD: 9.17

  6. Didn’t have a rope so I did alternating towel pull-ups

    WOD: 7:14 w/HOG pushups

  7. Didn’t attempt to climb the rope, but did get several pulls in…
    WOD: 7:43

  8. 2/3 up the rope
    WOD: 7:29. Was pulling 1:35-1:45 splits, suffered on the last 2 rounds of PUs.

  9. 10:54, push-ups on knees after 1st round

  10. wod: 9:46

  11. …was able to rope climb, stopped 1/2 way up as I was unsure of my strategy to get down.
    // WOD – 855

  12. Workout @ home

    3 mi run (not timed, just suffer through)

    WOD: 7:15

  13. rope: climbed to the top!

    WOD: 8:25

    1. Oh, also – thanks for the handstand roll-out lesson post-WOD, Kyle! That was fun.

      1. Yes I am happy after the several failed attempts (yes I gracefully hit my tailbone one too many times) I finally got the hang of it!
        You and Jenni were experts though!

  14. Rope climb was great… second time coming back down from the top was not good for my thighs and ankles. My rope burn is fierce.

    WOD: 8:32 need to work on my transition

  15. WOD: 7:57 … fast transitions compensated for crap rowing

    Rope: This wasn’t going to go well, as I don’t even like hanging from the high pullup bars. Up the rope wasn’t bad but down freaks me out! 🙂

  16. 7:24, rope technique needs work…

  17. WOD: 10:40

    Rope Climbs: Post-WOD, did 2. Second one was about 2/3 of the way up, but then the height freaked me out.

  18. 8:45 (rower time)- next time, I’ll do it in socks

  19. 11:03, knee push ups (10:48 on the rower)

    1. And love love loved the rope climbing. Just like elementary school!

      Aaaand my first real toes-to-bar. 🙂

  20. 6:30 on the rower/7:33 on the clock
    Still not clear on how to score this…

    Congrats to Jess on her first REAL muscle up!

  21. WOD: 11:00 (make up)

    rowing: hm, not a strength. but just realized it should have been 7 (not 10) push ups. did 5 reg / 5 knees for the first 7 rounds, then all knees.

  22. did this yesterday at north grounds, so no rope access…

    WOD: 6:45 (only rower time), knee PUs (probably add another 2+ mins-ish??)

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