Tuesday: Muscle Practice + Running WOD


Skill Work:

  1. Spend the first 10-15 Min working on Muscle up transitions.
  2. If you already have your muscle up, work on stringing multiple MU’s together.
  3. If you can already string multiple MU’s together, you have 3 attempts to perform as many MU as possible in a row before dropping off the rings.

3 Rounds

  • 400 M Run
  • Rest 2 Min
  • 200 M Run
  • Rest 1 Min

Record Total time.
Can also be performed on the rower, if needed.

45 thoughts on “Tuesday: Muscle Practice + Running WOD

  1. Skill work: 4 sets of 3 dips using parallettes on boxes
    WOD: 16:26

  2. skill work: 4 muscle ups; worked on swinging down from top to string together
    WOD: 16:25 delighted with evenly paced splits

  3. Skill: 8 MU’s in a row done about two months ago.
    WOD: Operation Locate, Extricate, and Evacuate….my legs are not happy.

  4. Skill work: transitions, parallette dips, ring dips, (unsuccessful) jumping MUs (a few of each)
    WOD: 15:30

  5. Skill Work: Parallette Dips… now to decide whether ring dips or HSPUs should be my next short-term goal…
    WOD: 15:56

    1. ring dips!!! Actually you can totally work on both each day or alternating days (trust me…)

      1. I think my brain/body can only handle one movement at a time… DUs and kipping PUs got checked off one at a time, so I don’t want to mess with the formula πŸ˜›

      2. Then my vote is for ring dips. Because you’ll get those VERY quickly. Then you can move on to HSPUs πŸ˜€

  6. MU – 12, 5, 5

    WOD – 13:54 on Airdyne @ ~1200cal/hr (.5/.2 miles)

  7. MU – 12, 8, 6

    WOD – 14:19 w/ a little 150 meter mistake

  8. MU- 3 in a row!!

    WOD: 14:04 on the Rower (400/200M)

  9. MU – 2/2/3
    Run – 14:22
    (Kyle – the only reason you beat me, as Amy pointed out, was that you have a lot less “air friction”!!!)

    1. Looks like Tom pulled a Joe…

      1. πŸ˜€

    2. 1. How did you run? 2. How did you beat Tom? 3. What’s the average speed of an unladen andrea?

  10. MU… :-/
    // WOD – 1505

  11. 17:51. Guess I need a little work?

  12. MU: Transition work, really need to build up the false grip
    WOD: 14:17

  13. MU pr (1!)
    WOD: 15:01

    1. YEAHHH!!! Look at all that MU mojo going on!

    2. Best part of this MU was Seth’s excitement when he got over the rings and realized all he had to do was a ring dip… awesome stuff!

    3. Great work Seth! And Jess too! And Andy who doesn’t post on the internet – he did 2 MU yesterday.

  14. JMU: pretty good at these, but still need to work on my grip, and kipping into a real MU
    WOD: 15:50…legs felt terrible today

  15. 2 MUs – pr
    WOD: 15:47

  16. A bunch of muscle up attempts… some felt close. Need to work on kipping form.

    WOD: 14:04 (but I accidentally only rested 1 minute after the last 400m run)

  17. MU work: did sets of paralette dips
    WOD: 15:19

  18. MU practice… kipping and paralette dips, as well as ring rows transitions to dips

    WOD: 16:25 (charlie horse in my thigh muscle on the first 400, so I jogged the next couple runs, sprinted my last round)

  19. WOD: 15:25

  20. WOD: 15:26
    MU’s- worked on getting weightless (didnt happen yet) trying to lead with hips

  21. mu: first time working on these, ways to go.
    WOD: 15:18

  22. mu: practice, needs lots of practice!
    16:45 – paced myself too much on the first 400

  23. WOD: 12:13 (13:13 if you count the last min of rest)

  24. On Saturday: Muscle-up transition and kipping practice
    WOD: 16:10 on the rower

  25. MUs: 5/5/4
    WOD: 14:07 (only rested 1 min. before the last 200m)

  26. On Saturday: Practiced muscle-ups (strict, kipping, multiples)
    Did some headstand and hollow-rock work too, ala Carl Paoli’s recent videos
    Ran the sprints on the way home (sprint any uphill, walk any downhill)

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