Finally Friday! Deadlift+Toes to Rings



Lateral jumps over your DL bar**
Toes to Rings

Rx’d (M-275 W-165)
Scaled 1 (M-255 W-145)
Scaled 2 (M-225 W-135)

**Lateral jumps-facing toward your plates you must jump over and back  with your feet together to = 1 rep

24 Comments on “Finally Friday! Deadlift+Toes to Rings

  1. 9:58 @187#
    Thanks Kim for the encouragement and keeping my T2R honest! 🙂

  2. did 12-10-8 then cramped in the lower back. that was fun. also may have dry heaved.

  3. Made this up on Saturday.

    WOD: 11.17 (rx on the dl, not as rx on my t2r)

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