Cherry Picking, Stuff You Need to Know and Upcoming Events

Hello everyone, just a quick note and some reminders…

  • I’ve noticed a recent trend towards people cherry picking workouts, avoiding stuff they don’t like and complaining about stuff. CrossFit is about punishing the specialist, learning to love your weaknesses and finding the mental strength to enjoy the pain. If you really want to get better, you can’t selectively do workouts. In fact, you should focus on the WODs you really don’t want to do.  Tell yourself you enjoy the pain, think about something else, but please don’t give up on yourself just because it’s hard.
  • Thanks for all the feedback in the survey. It was very helpful.
  • As for the women’s bar requests, there will always be times in the future when you don’t get the kettelbell you want, you don’t get the clips you want, you don’t get the position you want, etc. We don’t use women’s bars for SuperFit competitions and very few competitions even offer women’s bars.  We want you to step up bar and challenge yourself. Accept the 28mm bar as your friend and when you are forced to use a 25mm, you will crush it.  We needed a few more bars, so we did buy 2 more 25mm bars and we know that’s still not enough.   Bars are bars, but I do know it helps for some weights when you are trying to do a lightweight ground to overhead.
  • If you are new please check out our “What to Know When You Start CrossFit Charlottesville” and Articles You May Have Missed” to familiarize yourself with key gym concepts.

Upcoming Events

September 2nd – CrossFit Charlottesville Does the Corner for Time Social [RSVP!]
September 3rd – 31 Heroes Workout (see this page for details)
September 5th – Level 1 Scholarship Essay Due [see this]
September 17th – Fight Gone Bad [not sure where we are gonna do this, yet]
September 17th & 18th – Gym Closed for CrossFit Kettelbell Trainer Course [Register Here]
October 8th – Gym closed for the Informal Team Throwdown of Death (see this page and REGISTER!!!)
October 23rd – Tough Mudder [join our team!]
November 5th and 6th – Gym closed for CrossFit Level 1 Cert

4 thoughts on “Cherry Picking, Stuff You Need to Know and Upcoming Events

  1. Thank you for getting two more bars!! No matter how many times I step up and challenge myself to form a hook group around the 28 mm bars, my hands just refuse to grow, so this will be awesome.

    1. Agreed. My tiny hands are very appreciative.

  2. I didn’t even know there were smaller size bars.

  3. i demand LARGER bars so i can man up more

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