6 thoughts on “Saturday and Monday Labor Day Schedule

  1. Anyone else without a partner for 31 Heroes? I can’t promise to be badass, but I would like to try!

  2. Hey Jaye,
    I would love to partner with you. I’m in the same boat you are!

    1. Excellent! I’ll send you a message on Facebook and we can work out the details!

  3. Does anyone want to run in the Women’s 4 miler for breast cancer? I know someone who entered but not running and has an extra bib!
    This Sat. , at 7:30 am

  4. …run with 3550 other women!!!

    1. Oh I would love to have been able to do that! Sadly I will be in Knoxville (although not too sadly b/c I will be in Knoxville for Tennessee Football) But wish I could do it all.

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