31 thoughts on “Wednesday: HSPU Skill work, Run and Row

  1. 12:21… cramped up 1/3 through the row and couldn’t break 1:55 again. Think low 11 is very feasible.

  2. 15:45 (8:30 run, 7:15 row)

  3. 14:44 (7:20run, 7:22row)

  4. 13:54. reversed row/run. about a 5:45 row & 8 min run.

  5. 14:23 (7:33 run, 6:20 row and a 30 second transition… need to work on that)

  6. 14:53 (7:25 run, 7:30ish row, 45 sec PR)

    That’s subtracting 5 seconds for all the 5:30 ladies getting held up by a large, slow-moving line of cars at the beginning of the run.

  7. 14:13 (5:58 row, 8:15 run)
    Big 5:30 class so I rowed first then ran

  8. 16:47 (if I take the same 5 seconds as Lex!)

  9. 15:52 (8:11 run, 7ish row…super sluggish transition)

  10. 15:09 (We got stopped at the first traffic light, should’ve been incentive to run fasted but I like to think if we hadn’t I would’ve made it in 15)
    Also thanks to the boys in the 5:30 class for rowing first!

    1. Yeah, thanks to the guys for being such good sports!

  11. 15:10 (6:45ish row)

  12. 13:45 Rx (1 second PR!)

    Moved carts full of law school text books for 2 hours today (think of it as extended prowler pushing) and was thinking terrible thoughts during this WOD… like maybe stopping because my legs hurt so bad. But 1 second PR! Take that negativity!

  13. 13:00, a 31 sec PR from last time
    7:00 run, 5:50 row + 10 sec of tying shoes and hopping on the rower, double knots next time!

  14. worked on this handstand stuff….held some unassisted headstands in the middle of the floor for 10sec.
    rest day, no WOD

  15. 15.31 (8.30 run)

  16. 14:49 (7:14 run)

  17. 15:13 (7:54 run, 6:54 row), and yes! i forgot about that stoplight hold-up! so perhaps a few seconds faster.. thinking this will also go better next time when i’m not coughing through half the wod 🙂

  18. 12:39, row first

  19. 15:06. That’s with a 5 second delay for the ladies in the 5:30 class who were held up at the traffic light. Big shout out to the guys who rowed first. Thanks guys!

  20. 16:54 (8:25 run, 8:15 row) ughhh.

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