Wednesday: HSPU Skill work, Run and Row

Spend the first 10-15 working on Handstand Push-ups.


  • Run 1 Mile
  • Row 1500 Meters

Time cutoff is 15 minutes. Scale appropriately.

Compare to December 5th,2010

31 Comments on “Wednesday: HSPU Skill work, Run and Row

  1. 12:21… cramped up 1/3 through the row and couldn’t break 1:55 again. Think low 11 is very feasible.

  2. 14:53 (7:25 run, 7:30ish row, 45 sec PR)

    That’s subtracting 5 seconds for all the 5:30 ladies getting held up by a large, slow-moving line of cars at the beginning of the run.

  3. 15:09 (We got stopped at the first traffic light, should’ve been incentive to run fasted but I like to think if we hadn’t I would’ve made it in 15)
    Also thanks to the boys in the 5:30 class for rowing first!

  4. 13:45 Rx (1 second PR!)

    Moved carts full of law school text books for 2 hours today (think of it as extended prowler pushing) and was thinking terrible thoughts during this WOD… like maybe stopping because my legs hurt so bad. But 1 second PR! Take that negativity!

  5. 13:00, a 31 sec PR from last time
    7:00 run, 5:50 row + 10 sec of tying shoes and hopping on the rower, double knots next time!

  6. 15:13 (7:54 run, 6:54 row), and yes! i forgot about that stoplight hold-up! so perhaps a few seconds faster.. thinking this will also go better next time when i’m not coughing through half the wod 🙂

  7. 15:06. That’s with a 5 second delay for the ladies in the 5:30 class who were held up at the traffic light. Big shout out to the guys who rowed first. Thanks guys!

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